Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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With this continuous barrage of in- formative advertising coming to the attention of the buying public — to en- gineers, architects, maintenance men, merchandising managers or the house- wife who buys home equipment, the manufacturer who uses the Parker Pro- cess presents this extra feature to an informed audience that knows and fully appreciates the extra rust-free service that can bonderuzing expected of the Parker-protected equipment that is of- fered for consideration.

Bonderizing Suppliers

Ohio I tetroic, Mich. Metallgesellschaft, Brocken- heimer Anlage The majority of these newer conversion coatings are fluorozirconium-based.

It is the evolution of a process that has been used by American indus- try for nearly a quarter of a century. Ferrous metal processing time remains the same, according to the type of production being treated, but in the case of zinc surfaces the processing time for all types of installations is from one to five minutes, varying with the type of production treated. Next to actual service tests, outdoor exposure tests are the most reliable for estimating the durability, or useful life of paint films.

This not only informs the prospective user of Parker Processes, of their merits, but it also informs industrial buyers who purchase fabricated parts for their own output and who require rust-proof fin- ishes on the equipment they purchase. Bonderizing is a modern development, designed to keep step with fast moving industries. It also provides a foothold for the paint, which retards flaking and peeling.

Patent 2,that improved upon the zinc phosphatizing Parkerizing process further. Parkerizing has a broad field, because of its simplicity, economy, adaptability and rust- proofing efficiency.

Patentin These associated foreign companies are prepared chemicals for the development of the rust-proofing so the manufacturer who may not want to install equip All of them are prepared to furnish a technical ad the Parker Processes: What is Bonderized Steel?


An improved patent application for manganese phosphating based in large part on this early British iron phosphating process was filed in the US inand issued in to Frank Rupert Granville Richards as U.

While cleaning is not a part of the Spra-Bonderiz- ing Process, yet, like all other metal-finishing pro- cesses, a clean surface is necessary for satisfactory results and cleaning is included in the set-up as one of the normal operations in a completely mechanized line.

While this service is regular routine so far as periodic checking is concerned, it is available at a moment’s notice in case quick assistance is required. In addition to the various accepted accelerated tests, such as the Salt Spray, Humidity and Soak tests, outdoor exposure tests are made. Figure 3 is a reproduction of four-color photo- graph of plain, untreated steel sample tested in agar agar medium.

Corrosion of the underlying metal, lack of adhesion of the paint film to the metal, and the durability of the organic paint film itself. Parker service does not end with the sale of the process and installation of equipment, but follows through as long as the manufacturer makes use of it.

The patent for this zinc phosphating process using strategic compounds that would remain available in America during a war was granted to inventor Romig of the American Chemical Paint Company in as U. To make sure that all moisture is eliminated from seams, cracks and crevices, a dry-off oven is included at the end of the line.

Now processing is accomplished by spraying the Bonderite solution onto the production as it passes through different chambers on a completely mechan- ized conveyor line, including cleaning, Bonderizing, rinsing and drying.

Of all the products bbonderizing which Bonderizing is ap- plied, none of them demonstrate its rugged char- acter quite so forcefully as its use on the automobile.

This work is handled by practical finishing experts and trained technicians. The grain size of prrocess zinc phosphating is usually the smallest among the three processes, providing a more appealing cosmetic appearance in many applications.

The ultimate proceas was that Clark W. Producers have found that prospective buyers are impressed with this added quality and take special pains to see that they are informed of this unseen value. Light areas show where alkali has de- stroyed the paint film surrounding rusted abrasion.

Parkerizing – Wikipedia

Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Bonderizing directory bonserizing the Internet. Patent 1,for an improved manganese phosphating Parkerizing technique. The Bonderized piece was in good condition at the end of hours, while the one not Bonderized showed bonderizng nite deterioration at less than hours.


It is finding its way into the finish- ing lines of many varied procews, helping to main- tain finish appearance and cut down complaints be- cause of rusty products. The process involves submerging the procesw part into a phosphoric acid solution whose key ingredient is often zinc or manganesewith varying additional amounts of nitrateschloratesand copper.

Pittsburgh Electro Galvanizing Co. Parkerizing is usually considered to be an improved zinc or manganese phosphating process, and not to be an improved iron phosphating process, although some use the term parkerizing as a generic term for applying phosphating or phosphatizing coatings that does include the iron phosphating process. The processing bath is prepared by mixing the concentrated Bonderite chemicals with water, in which the cleaned pricess is immersed for a suf- ficient length of time to bonderizong the characteristic phosphate coating.

This was caused by contaminants in the acid solution and not cosmoline as is commonly believed. So important is this bonderuzing by many manufacturers that they devote space in their catalogs, booklets and folders to the item of rust-proof fin- ishes.

Full text of ” Bonderizing a rust resisting base for paint finishes that can be quickly and easily produced. Recent wide development of zinc alloy and zinc surfaced products, to which paint, enamel or lacquer are to be ap- plied, widens the scope of utility of Parker Processes and greatly extends their field of useful service.

Of the several accelerated tests used in checking finishes on metal, the salt spray takes a prominent part and large capacity is prov ided for this purpose. After nearly ten years’ experience with the effects of Bonderizing, the dealer sells the Bonderized car with the assurance that, barring acci- dent, the owner will not be subjected to untimely finish reconditioning expense. The lower panel was Bonderized before finishing, and shows the greater resistance to alka- line development.