(xvi) application of the Workmen’s Compensation Act. (27 of ). as The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and. The Building and Other Construction Workers Act is a social welfare Workers ( Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act. Home >> The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, (27 of ) >>.

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Provided that a combined register of wage-cum-muster-roll in Form XVIII, at to these rules shall be maintained by the employer where the wage period for such building worker is a fortnight or less. Provided that intervals of rest not less than half-an hour are given after every five hours of continuous work as laid down in sub-rule 2 of rule 23. Provided that nothing contained in this clause shall apply to steamwinch which can be operated as safely as with riles as provided in accordance with this clause.

The Building and Other Construction Workers

Man-locks and working in compressed air environment. Since the Bill could not be taken up for consideration it lapsed.

Provided that nothing contained in this sub-clause shall apply where any other form of splice, which may be shown to be as efficient as the splice with above standards, is used.

Provided that such person shall not be compelled to answer any question or give any evidence tending to incriminate him. Erection or dismantling of steel and prefabricated structure. Test and periodical examination of lifting gears. The Committee shall be represented by representatives of the recognised ruules wherever such unions exist.


Risk to life and limb is also inherent. Lifting and carrying of excessive weight. Scaffold supported by building. Provided that no such member shall be removed unless a reasonable opportunity is given to him of making a representation against the proposed action under this rule.

Notice of commencement and completion. Use of internal combustion engine. Interpretation of words not defined. Use of winches and climbers for suspended scaffold.

Construction and maintenance of lifting gear. As Parliament was not in session and in view of the urgency felt by the Government for meeting the longstanding bofw for the aforesaid legislation, eules President was pleased to promulgate the Building and Other Construction Workers Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service Ordinance, Ordinance 14 of along with another Ordinance for the levy of a cess on the 3rd November, Payment of additional fees and at of register etc. Provided that the truck or trailer employed for transporting freight containers are of the size sufficient to carry the containers, without overhanging and are provided with twist locks conforming to national standards, at all the four corners of each of such truck or trailers and such truck or trailers are certified for such use by an authority under the relevant law for the time being in force and is inspected by a responsible person, at least once in a month and record of such inspection is maintained.

Vacuum and magnetic lifting gear.

Duties and responsibilities of workers. Supervision by a responsible person. The canteen shall be located in a ru,es away from the latrines and urinals and polluted atmosphere and at the same time be easily accessible to the building workers.


The Building and Other Construction Workers

Furnishing of information to Bureau of Indian Standards. Register of periodical test, examination and certificates thereof. Although the provisions of certain Central Acts are applicable to the building and other construction workers yet a need has been felt for a comprehensive Central Legislation for regulating their safety, health, welfare and other conditions of service The State Governments and Union Territory Administrations have been consulted ID the matter and a majority of them have favored such a legislation.

Qualification of operator of lifting winches and of signaller, etc. Use of runways and ramps by building worker. Weekly rest, payment for work done on the day of rest at overtime rate, etc. The contents of these sites are not to be construed as a responsibility of or endorsement by Dept.

Notice of meetings and list of business. Screening net and wirenets. In view of the circumstances explained above, it has been considered necessary to constitute Welfare Boards in every State so as to provide and monitor social security schemes and welfare measures for the benefit of building and other construction workers.