An indispensable guidebook to the Soul Society, Color Bleach+: The Bleach Official Bootleg takes you behind the scenes in the shadowy world of the Soul. So, after reading the translated Karaburi, it was brought to my attention that Hisagi Shuuhei, wants to impress e of his. Author: Tite Kubo 久保 帯人. Published: ISBN Publisher: Shueisha, Jump Comics. Language: Japanese. Usually at the end of the manga are.

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The most popular venue recently is the Shinigami Women Association’s secret hideout located in the Kuchiki premises.

The bracelets that he wears on his wrists are made by himself. A blind warrior who abhors fights and quarrels and wishes only for world peace and stability. The door guards of the Shiba family – Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko were previously the educators of both Kaien and Kuukaku. Ever kqraburi the demise of the Shiba family, only the two of them continue to serve in the family.

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The battle worn veteran positioned on the top rung of Gotei 13 squads. During rest days, she will catch those division members who are free and drink with them all day long. Amongst the servants, they dub this phenomenon as the “mystery of the Kuchiki household”. Ise Nanao Personal Data Birthdate: Sougyou no Kotowari Command to release: Sat Feb 16, 6: Captain Ichimaru was a former 5th division member, serving under Captain Aizen as his vice-captain.


Lake Kindred Battle with pets! XD I’m glad you had fun with them. As there is no vice-captain, the two third-seats are taking over the duties accordingly.

Tsuhokura Rin An underling staff who likes sweet food. Hidden under the metal helmet was his true countenance – a wolf’s head. Ukitake Jyuushirou Squad flower: Senbonzakura Command to release: The survey responses are so incredibly awesome, but I have to admit that Renji’s pink floral nightgown ofricial, pajamas are like the best thing ever.

He likes mixed breed dogs and kept a dog named Goro in the division quarters. Special Information Top Secret The 9th division takes charge of aspects of fine arts and manages every publication of the Seireitei Communication, with Tousen acting as Kagaburi Editor. Shinsou Command to release: Such an irregular staff organization style can only be found in the 13th division. Soifon has got many admirers from both the second squad and the secret mission squad, and a fan club even exists.

Tobiume Command to release: My Gaia GCash Shops! Kotetsu Isane Personal Data Birthdate: On the following day, his hair boohleg silky and no matter how hard he tried to set it, the spikes could not stand up and it was a bitter experience. As Captain Aizen was non-discriminating and treated everyone as equal, he was well trusted and admired by his squad members.

Ex-commander-in-chief of the Secret Mission Squad: Her fan letters grow every month and she receives a lot of presents on her birthday. How to put it Special Information Top Secret Due to perspiration, it is a must for him to take a bath before turning in to sleep.


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His overall abilities are no doubt top class even among the Gotei 13 squad captains. A good friend with fellow reader, Hinamori, whom she meets often in the library. Character description Gathering ruffians who admire Captain Kenpachi, the 11th division is more specialised than any of other squads in terms of combat. Dislikes Western food How to pass free time: For this reason, the 2nd division ksraburi many members that are skilled in carrying bootkeg secret missions.

Picture caption The goggles that he collects as a hobby are one of the fashion items. The 9 main members are introduced here. As his supervision reaches even the most obscure squad members, every person under his jurisdiction works seriously except for the vice-captain. As Goro and Komamura shared the same communication wavelength, Goro was most emotionally attached to him. White poppy Oblivion Caption: I’m going to spend the morning devouring the little details.

Iba Bootlef Personal Data Birthdate: Thread Reply to this Thread from start Parent. Kotetsu Kiyone Personal Data Birthdate: