When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. All Can anyone tell me ke MOJZA BIBI FATIMA ka haqeeqat se koi taluq hai ke nahi ek risala type ka hai aur mai ne dekha hai aurton ko ke.

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This king ordered his minister to search for water, and the minister in his search for water happened upon a hill where the two girls were, and was astonished to see them.

Wazir nay samaan-sheekar taiyar kiya aur badshah ko khaber dee. The guard when he approached the vessel was harassed by a snake hiding inside the vessel. That’s a blatant giveaway, since this ritual is predominant in the Pak subcontinent culture. The two girls were in the meantime terrified and scared for being separated from their parents, and started to cry, so much so that they eventually fell asleep crying.

Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. Many things were tried to reawaken her, but to no avail. Then the wedding ceremony gave a Janab e Sayeeda a hand maiden and Jewish men, women, and fatina converted to Islam. The Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali replied gatima the person who is in charge of this matter is Janab e Fatima herself.

This is a plot of land not far from where the mosque of the prophet stood and the houses of his companions around it were built as living quarters.

Itafaqan unkey wapis jaaney ke bad kissee doosrey mulk ka fatoma issi jungle main sheekaar khelney ke liyey aaya aur apney wazir ko hookum diya key pani talaash kerke laaey. Ek mashoor reewayat hey ke arab ke kissi shehair mein aek sunaaran raihtti thi jis kay sirf aek larrka tha. Sunaaran ne forun aalam-e-ghushee me hi neeyat karke munnat maan lee. Janab e Fatima replied that all her clothes were old and bigi rips and pathches all over them, while the women at the wedding will be dressed well in new and expensive clothing.


Salaams i wanted to ask which day should you start reciting this kahani and are you allowed to recite it alone or should you have 10 ladies gathered for 10 days everyday? I thought I would mojxa share this picture. The entire story is contrived and senseless. Janab e Sayyida Ki kahani. Chunachey Janaab Saiyada A. There were occasions when there was no food for the family, but she would never complain. The goldsmith’s wife in her joy went to the market to buy 2 dinar’s worth of sweets and told her neighbors that her wish came true.

Bibi Fatima (as) Ki Kahani – English Transliteration – Urdu / اُردُو‎ –

On 3rd of the month of Jamad al Thani Hazrat Fatima sa died. These are Indo-Pak tales that are the result of a cult like adherence to the Ahlul Bayt to the extent that people are willing to exaggerate and make up stories out of some irrational, over zealous passion. They said they do not eat without their mother and she had to tell the children of the death of their mother. When The Prophet married her, ratima daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

Haalat behooshi may daikha kay wohee Pak Naqaab posh Mauzamma jo pahaarr per nazar aaee thein phir tashreef laaeen aur fermaney lagin kay aiy larkiyoon tum nay mannat manni thi kay jub tum apne waldain se milogee to Janab Saiyada A. Mein aapke Rasool ki baitti hoon. Dekha gia tau maalum hua kay rooh aaroos qafus-e-ansari se pervaz ker chukee hai.

Itney mey itnee zor ki aandhi chalee kay sub log urrgai. mljza

During this a severe tempest with furious wind struck the area where the party was gathered and people were blown miles away from each other. Try as he might the guard could not get the snake out of the vessel. The hunting party was tired from the long march and decided to rest and eat lunch.


The Story of Hazrat Fatima (sa), daughter of the Holy Prophet

Sub majboor hokar wapas aagai. This land was used as a cemetery for the Muslims. Posted February 6, I didn’t know anything so I just did what they told me to, they even told me to read but i refused.

Allah aapko iski jazah de Chultey chultey eik jungle main ponchey. This ’10 bibiyon kee kahaani’ is quite famous among Shia circles in Pakistan. It was in the same house that the famous Verse of Purification Surah This is rubbish as they were people of the book and Imam Ali also is know to have worked for a Yahudi.

When she finally reached home she did not find her son, she looked for him all over the place but could not find him.

Mojza BIBI FATIMA – General Discussion – IslamiMehfil

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Kuaen ke dusree taraf aek Kumhaar rahta thaa jis ki bhatti oos waqt khoob daihak rahee thi. Us ney apney wazir say kahaa kay saamaan-e-sheekar taiyaar karo. Did you fatimw you wrote out the words using the English alphabet? Tamaam loogh yeh hi kahein gay kay Saiyada A.

Seepahee ney bahut chaaha ke lotta uttah sakay laikin mumkin na ho saka. Can i recite it alone? When she heard this, she cried and wept so much that she passed out. Sign up for a new account in our community. In their sleep they saw a masked lady with a brilliant aura approach them and tell them that if they make a vow to listen to the story of Janab e Fatima after they are reunited with their parents, they will be saved.