La Trahison des clercs (; The Treason of the Intellectuals; also published as The Great Betrayal), Benda denounced as moral traitors those who betray truth. M. Benda, who is a Jew by birth (b. ), began his career by writing some philosophical reflections on the Dreyfus affair, and these were published as long . Trahison des clercs definition is – treason of the intellectuals: the compromising of French quotation from Julien Benda Learn More about trahison des clercs.

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The Treason of the Intellectuals

Retrieved from ” https: Learn More about trahison des clercs. Words to rally and inspire: In America it was published as The Betrayal of the Intellectualswhich was ambiguous for those not already informed as to whether the intellectuals were betraying or being betrayed.

Picasso becomes a kind of cartoon. Word of the year: We all scream for In closing, bitterly, he concludes: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. So perhaps this is where hope lies: Who knows if in centuries to come there will not be universities for re-establishing our former ignorance? The upshot is not only that Shakespeare is downgraded, but also that the bootmaker is elevated. What made you want to look up trahison des clercs?


Trahison des clercs — a phrase that dates back all the way to 1927

None of these great heads, despite my repeated attempts to engage them, were prepared even to attempt an answer. Whether working in the academy or other cultural institutions, they bring us the same news: T here is another, perhaps even darker, result of the undoing of thought.

This fraud is the dirty secret that our cultural commissars refuse to acknowledge. Multiculturalism, as Finkielkraut points out, requires that we respect such practices.

When the distinction between culture and entertainment is obliterated, high art is orphaned, exiled from the only context in which its distinctive meaning can manifest itself: And is one way more correct than the others? Nor did he believe that intellectuals, as citizens, necessarily ves abstain from political commitment or practical affairs.

trahison des clercs – Wiktionary

Benda understood that the stakes were high: Share trahison des clercs. In these were bold claims. Last week, two days before CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere reached parts per million, Oxford University opened bends new geoscience laboratory, named after its sponsor, Shell. This is not simply to say that there are many anti-intellectual elements in society: In other projects Wikiquote. In which female circumcision is practiced? Wind turbines are neither clean nor green and they provide zero global energy Matt Ridley.


Views Read Edit View history. Historically, bedna Enlightenment arose as a deeply anti-clerical and, perforce, anti-traditional movement.

To a large extent, the abdication of reason demanded by multiculturalism has been the result of what we might call the subjection of culture to anthropology. The springs before the Arab Spring Dot Wordsworth. The innovation cpercs contemporary culture is to have obliterated the distinction between the two.

The result of this intellectual support for domination, Benda argued, was that there was now no moral check on the pursuit of self-interest. But the dispersal of these particular chimeras has provided no inoculation against kindred fabrications: He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times [1] and one time for the Goncourt Prize. Only an ignoramus who believed that there were important distinctions, qualitative distinctions, between the barbarian and the civilized man could possibly think of objecting.

They should, he argued in La Trahison des Clercs the treason of the scholars act as a check on popular passions 1.