Find great deals for Behringer BUC Ultra Bass Chorus Effects Pedal. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 1 user review on Behringer Ultra Bass Chorus BUC The Behringer BUC Ultimate Bass Chorus Effects Pedal is a chorus effect stompbox that gives base signals a super-thick chorusing and stereo effect. The.

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I’ve taken the plunge and ordered one. Latest one was the VB-1, a bassballs clone I mean, I haven’t used effects in the past, and I dont want to over complicate things, but I’m tempted chhorus see how I get on. I like all Behringer pedals.

Behringer BUC400 Ultra Bass Chorus Effects Pedal

Sort by most recent most useful. Is it worth me getting it? AND you get a tuner and a basic rhythm machine to play along to and practice at the same time. I’ve since tried it cranked up on the amp buuc400 all it does is add pressence.

All in all,a lot of bang for the buck!

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I just love devices behtinger do the job at half the price compared to the wallet-burning devices out there. Just lightly tap it. I love the construction test video.

Yeah, the B2 seems to get a lot of recognition and I think it may be the one I go for. I plan on being careful with the plastic casing and AC plug with the pedal because the plastic feels a bit thin.


Behringer kit actually doesn’t sound too bad. Who cares if they’re made of plastic? Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. It will allow you to experiment a lot with a wide range of FX, and figure out which, if any, you might want to explore further.

One person found this helpful. From personal and friends experience, I wouldn’t buy anyhting from Behringer apart from mixing desk and rack stuff. I’m a working musician,and don t like a lot of effects on my bass because they tend to muddy up the tone and take away the “punch”,but this little pedal adds the chorus effect I occasionally want,yet maintain the integrity of my bass tone. They’re absolutely rock solid. Posted December 4, edited. I use it with a Fender Precision U.

I decided to build a new set of pedals for my bass guitar but on a more budget-oriented approach because money’s too tight to mention these days. Have been playing bass for 40 years professionally and have been through many pedals. Just want to make a point of comparison. I have another Behringer pedal that I have used on and off for a few years, so there is no doubt that this one will last a long time with me as I am a hobbyist player and my equipment rarely leaves home.


Yeah, I dont really care about whether the pedal is metal or plastic as I dont jump about on stage. The pedal does what it is supposed to without breaking the bank. Posted December 14, See All Buying Options. I bought a bunch in teh first couple of years they came out.

Overall, this bass chorus will do the job. This pedal is a copy of the Boss Chorus pedal. Thanks for the heads up.

Bass Chorus – Effects – Basschat

I use a Sans Amp Tech 21 Buc00 for tube emulation and bought this for use with solos behrinegr light chorus flavor. Posted December 4, At the end of the day, the motherboard contained in these Behringers are probably the same with the more fancier brand names. It’s not going to make you play like Larry Graham. Would recommend to others. There also seems to be a legion of behringer fans out there, but also legions who hate it.

Get the Boss BCB? But not a single one of them made me want to keep choru. Add to Wish List. I did notice the Level knob is a bit fuzzy at the lower end with my P Bass, but other than that, this thing cannot be beat for it’s price.