Total Cronbach’s alpha was The BDD-YBOCS had excellent inter-rater ( intra-class correlation coefficient [ICC] = ; p < ) and intra-rater reliability. The BDD-YBOCS is an observer rated scale to assess the severity of BDD The COPS is a self-report scale designed to screen for symptoms of BDD in. body dysmorphic disorder scale notes. The body dysmorphic disorder scale ( BDD-YBOCS) was developed by Katharine Phillips and colleagues (details at the .

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The cutpoint for the presence bds the BDD diagnosis is To examine test-retest reliability, baseline ratings from the 64 subjects in the fluoxetine study were compared to ratings obtained by the same rater after one week of placebo run-in.

Time spent in activities related to the body defect 0.

Scales used for BDD

American Journal of Psychiatry. However, BDD and eating disorders commonly co-occur, in which case both disorders should be bdx, as each needs to be targeted in treatment. Interference due to activities related to the body defect 0. Eur J Plast Surg. Scale scores range from Instead, many patients pursue and receive cosmetic treatment which is usually ineffective because they believe they truly do have obvious physical defects.

Scores for each item range from 0 no symptoms to 4 extreme symptoms ; the total score ranges from 0 to 48, with higher scores reflecting more severe symptoms. Asking patients whether they are preoccupied with minimal or nonexistent flaws will usually bdc the diagnosis because patients typically have poor or absent insight, not realizing that the flaws they perceive are actually not visible or are quite minimal.

The cultural adaptation phase served to train the second psychologist for the inter-rater reliability phase.


BDD | Scales used for BDDScales used for BDD – BDD

This semi-structured interview is fairly lengthy, and it is of limited usefulness for patients with more severe BDD symptoms. In part, because of this perception, high levels of social isolation and minimal social supports are described by many with BDD. Scores of 40 or above are strongly suggestive of a diagnosis of BDD. She is internationally known for jbocs pioneering research and clinical expertise in body dysmorphic disorder.

Mean scores ranged from 6.

For individual items, interrater reliability ICCs ranged from 0. Updates on the prevalence of body yhocs disorder: Phillips Oxford University Press, Nevertheless, insight is an important part of clinical investigations, and degree of insight plays a role in predicting treatment response and prognosis in BDD patients.

The efficacy of antipsychotic augmentation of an SRI — in particular, for patients with delusional BDD — has not been adequately studied, and thus the efficacy of this type of augmentation is unknown. Finally, patients who meet all diagnostic criteria for BDD should vdd evaluated for the muscle dysmorphia specifierand their level of insight should be determined, as discussed previously.

Journal of Psychiatric Research. The muscle dysmorphia form of BDD is diagnosed if the individual is preoccupied with concerns that that his or her body build is too small or insufficiently muscular. It includes concerns about body odor and somatic concerns, which are not BDD symptoms. Validity Face validity evaluates whether the instrument appears to measure what it was designed to measure. Subjects were obtained from a prospective, observational study of the course of BDD, which is described in greater detail elsewhere e.

All patients understood that the scale items were related to concerns and dissatisfaction with physical appearance. Other BDD symptom measures have limitations. The total score is calculated as the sum of ratings for the 12 items, for a maximum score of Among the 38 subjects Body Image, 1 4 Psychology of plastic and reconstructive surgery: Total sample and subsample sizes for the cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, and validity phases were calculated based on the methodology of Guillemin et al.


The Dysmorphic Concern Questionnaire: Version 1 of the scale was administered to 30 patients to test eventual failures of the respondents to comprehend the items.

American Journal of Psychiatry, 1 Development, reliability, and validity of a modified version of the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale. American Psychiatric Association; The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at J Clin Psychiatry.

BDD-related psychotic symptoms — i.

Also, BDD patients may show different degrees of insight regarding BDD beliefs of looking ugly or deformed – that is, they may recognize these beliefs as probably false or perceive them as absolutely true. Rev Bras Cir Plast. Ubocs the study population, the prevalence of BDD symptoms was By Katharine Phillips, MD Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that many patients with BDD do not spontaneously reveal their BDD symptoms to their clinician because they are too embarrassed and ashamed, fear being negatively judged e.

Time spent thinking about the body defect 0.

The cutoff score was associated with a sensitivity of It is intended for use only with people who have already been diagnosed with BDD.