The BACRIM in places like the region of Bajo Cauca are a typical manifestation of Colombia’s underworld today: a semi-autonomous local cell. The Colombian conflict began in the mids and is a low-intensity asymmetric war between referred to as “criminal groups” (BACRIM) by the government, had become an increasing threat to national security, with violent groups such as . Who are the Bacrim and what do they mean for Colombia’s peace negotiations?.

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He appointed Calle Serna as his closest assistant and, after conflict between the two started, Calle Serna had him killed in Colombi from the original on September 2, The government’s reticence is bacrkm by their reluctance to classify such groups as “armed groups” with the political status that this might confer, and which might be a pre-requisite to develop and implement such reintegration strategies.

Both parties nevertheless never completely broke off some amount of political contacts for long, as some peace feelers continued to exist, leading to short rounds of conversations in both CaracasVenezuela and TlaxcalaMexico The plan targets Bacdim leadership and it is focused on eliminating 15 of the most powerful economic and military fronts.

Pijarbey was formally a member of the Colombian military, then of the AUC. The most likely reason for focusing their violence on these groups, however, is that the BACRIM operate as guns for hire.

The BACRIM and Their Position in Colombia’s Underworld

Chiapas conflict Mexican Drug War —present. Inthe FARC killed at least members of the security forces, while wounding more than 2, As the AUC expanded, many narcos joined the umbrella group, and many paramilitary commanders moved from serving as protection to working as drug traffickers in their own right. This is explained, in part, because the areas where the operations and activities of these sectors take place, in parallel, are the territories where groups outside the law exert a very strong presence.

Retrieved 21 November The same source indicates that the group uses a strategy of patronage of local gangs, micro-trafficking, hired killings, and extortion, among others, to consolidate its presence INDEPAZ Jan The Mexicans then earn more than double that selling wholesale within the US and many times more if they get involved in distribution. Among the sectors most affected by the conflict are the exploitation of hydrocarbons, electricity and livestock.

BACRIM: Winner or Loser in Colombia Peace Deal?

Then-President Uribe was keen to draw a line in the sand, to avoid undermining the AUC peace process. Their commanders are faceless and hidden, with their names whispered throughout the communities they operate in. A copy of a table Table 7 produced by INDEPAZ containing the names of the departments and municipalities affected by the presence of narcoparamilitary groups in is also attached to this Response Attachment 3.


According to an investigation by the CEDE of the Universidad de los Andes”as a result of the displacement, the displaced households have left behind a little more than four million hectares, which correspond to 6.

One of the biggest problems to invest in Colombia is that it is necessary to devote a large part of the budget to security and protection controls, which is very difficult to justify before the house. The first negotiated cease-fire with the M ended when the guerrillas resumed fighting inclaiming that the cease-fire had not been fully respected by official security forces, saying that several of its members had suffered threats and assaults, and also questioning the government’s real willingness to implement any accords.

Additional filming by Sven Wolters. Defense Intelligence Agency DIA report went so far as to speculate that this could be possible within 5 years if the guerrilla’s rate of operations was kept up without effective opposition. Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime. E Related Document s Colombie: Its purpose would be to satisfy victims’ right to justice.

To carry out its work, the search unit would collect the necessary information about missing persons, analyze the information collected, strengthen and streamline processes for identifying mortal remains in coordination with the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, guarantee families’ participation and present an official report to families informing them of the fate of missing relatives.

This model was initially pioneered by the Rastrojos, who after engaged in rapid expansion across the country, making agreements with local oficinas de cobro previously part of the AUC.

Especial: Bandas criminales en Colombia – Especial –

The US Country Reports states that “[o]rganized criminal gangs, as well as illegal armed groups … engaged in … conscription” US 3 Mar. Please find below the list of sources consulted in researching this Information Request.

Usually has a presence in several departments. Retrieved 1 April Indirect costs include, “[ The reasons for fighting vary from group to group. Policy in Latin America”.

BACRIM earns money primarily from the cocaine trade and also from extortion, gold mining, and domestic distribution of drugs. Diary of a Limpieza in Colombia”; Book Review”. As one of the most secure locations in the region, Guarumo is also used as the site for top level meetings, and for the weekly BACRIM parties and cockfights.


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that a peace deal with the FARC by 20 July would end the conflict with this organization if the talks which started in were successfully concluded.

Chavez funding FARC rebels”. From Ragged Rebellion to Military Machine”. Archived from the original on October 27, Below are leaders of those factions. Criminal groups that act with a specific goal and in a set location.

BACRIM: Winner or Loser in Colombia Peace Deal?

Although the agents adjust their investment behavior, that is, they internalize the phenomenon of violence, assuming it as a change in the structures of the economy colombja in the long term the investment of both the State and the private sector is diminished in substantial ways. Altogether, these events were interpreted by some Colombian and foreign analysts as a turning point in the armed confrontation, giving the FARC the upper hand in the military and political balance, making the Colombian government a target of critics from some observers who concluded that its weakness was being evidenced, perhaps even overshadowing a future guerrilla victory in the middle term.

Murder and Guerrilla Politics in Colombia. Print this page Map Bandas Criminales Click on the maps below to visualize this group’s interactions with other militant organizations On Colombia map. Drugs, Democracy, and War. Starting in a disarmament process was begun of Colombia’s paramilitary groups especially the AUC and was completed on April 12,when 1, fighters turned in their weapons in abcrim town of Casibare.

Waging War and Negotiating Peace. It is a criminal network rather than a hierarchical, integrated organization.

Bacrkm from the original on 16 October Colombian collmbia —present Guerrilla wars Wars involving Colombia Civil wars involving the states and peoples of South America Civil wars post Revolution-based civil wars Military history of Colombia Politics of Colombia FARC Rebellions in South America History of drug control 20th century in Colombia 21st century in Colombia Communism-based civil wars 20th-century conflicts 21st-century conflicts Ongoing conflicts Communist terrorism Anti-communist terrorism Proxy wars Illegal drug trade in Colombia Communism in Colombia Communist rebellions.