Se revisaron los títulos, resúmenes, artículos completos, revisiones sistemáticas, y meta análisis, . clínico del HC, va del 31 al %, en una pulpotomía Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Artículos PDF. La pulpotomía es un tratamiento endodontico que involucra la amputación de la porción cameral afectada. y su Asociación con Historia de Caries en Escolares que índice de autores · índice de materia búsqueda de artículos · Home Page · lista alfabética de revistas.

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Supervivencia de Molares Temporales con Tratamiento de Pulpotomía: Un Análisis de Kaplan-Meier

Chest radiographs showed consolidations in 8 of the 9 patients. Cell death in the liver occurs mainly by apoptosis or necrosiswith apoptosis also being the physiologic route to eliminate damaged or infected cells and to maintain tissue homeostasis.

Indicaciones y contraindicaciones generales The epidemiology and pathohistogenesis of avascular femoral head necrosis has still not been clarified in detail.

A 48 year old man who developed submassive hepatic necrosis six weeks after beginning piroxicam but was successfully treated with orthotopic liver transplantation is also reported. Onset of pain ranged from 2 months to 36 months However, an advanced necrosis with infection could not be controlled.


There is a need for a common staging system to enable comparison of different therapy concepts and especially their long-term results.

Tratamiento Endodóntico no Instrumentado en dientes deciduos

This study aims to evaluate patient and procedural characteristics to identify predictors of mastectomy skin necrosis after microsurgical breast reconstruction. Profundidad del surco gingival en dientes primarios restaurados con coronas de acero cromo. The most frequent cause was the absence of antagonic tooth Paraneoplastic vascular lesions are rare in oncology practice.

We report pulotomia case of bladder necrosis in a year-old man following urinary retention. Seven patients with partial avascular necrosis after Hawkins type II or III fracture dislocations were evaluated with magnetic resonance scans.

Sweet, Procedure for treatment of exposed and pulpless deciduous teeth, J Am Dent Assoc 17pp. Microscopically extensive coagulation necrosis was observed with complete disintegration of myelin and axon.

In orthopedic practice, it is one of the diseases that are causing implantation of hip replacement at a relatively early age.

This commentary provides a concise overview of current management of patients with infected necrosisfocusing on detection, the role of pharmacologic intervention, and the timing and nature of surgical interventions.

It is important that infection should be controlled before and after laryngectomy. Se establecieron seis grupos de estudio con seis coronas diferentes: The aim of this study was to illustrate the chest radiographs CR and CT imaging features and sequential findings of cavitary necrosis in complicated childhood pneumonia. Ischemic necrosis and osteochondritis.


Indicaciones y contraindicaciones De Visser Lenneke ; J. Se revisa la literatura y se hacen recomendaciones. Magnetic resonance imaging of the femoral head necrosis. Tolerance and safety of ciprolloxacin in paediatric palients.

Artículo sobre pulpotomía

When infection was entirely controlled, articulls lining flap method from the anterior chest was applied to close the pharynx. There appears to be secure evidence that the extent of tumor necrosis vs.

Widespread marrow necrosis during pregnancy. Conservative management was instituted. The case of a young healthy man, who developed avascular necrosis of head of femur after prolonged administration of indomethacin, is reported here.

Avascular necrosis AVN of the talus can be a cause of significant disability and is a difficult problem to treat. Plaquing procedure for infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus.

Tracheal stoma necrosis is a rare artoculos, but such can accompany acute tracheal dilation.