Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Historically, the book of Exodus treats of the Gleanings in Exodus (Arthur Pink Collection Book 26) – Kindle edition by Arthur W. Pink. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. TOPIC: Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus (Other Topics in this Collection) SUBJECT: The Plagues Upon Egypt (Continued) Other Subjects in this Topic: . TOPIC: Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus (Other Topics in this Collection) Following the order of the contents of Exodus 12, the first thing to be noted is that .

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In this last plague, the Lord did that to which all the other plagues were logically and irresistibly leading up—the slaying of the first-born.


Nor are we ever left to guess at anything; Scripture is ever its own interpreter. Therefore, this judgment of darkness, gave plain intimation that Egypt was now abandoned by God. All they could do was to bring forth more frogs. Scripture records just seven times when this Feast was kept. Here is an ideal antidote to some of the superficiality and silliness of today’s prevailing spiritual climate. This should make us seek more fervently for help from above, that our eyes may be opened to behold wondrous things in this portion of the Word.

The Passover sets forth both the Godward and the manward aspects of the Atonement. To point out precisely the antitypical fulfillment of this would necessitate an examination of quite a number of N. A Hardened Heart Death is become the food of life—yea, of a life which is eternal” F.

Gleanings in Exodus

The rising sun was thus to see no trace of the slain lamb. Another thing which evidences that this fourth plague begins a new series is the fact that God now made “a division” between His own people and the Egyptians. Profiting from the Word.


We believe that two things were here foreshadowed. The Israelites too had suffered from the first three judgments, for they also merited the wages of sin, were subject to the debasing influences of Satan, and were under the curse.

He always wrote with heartfelt conviction and persuasive insight. The Perfect Servant Not until He ggleanings reached the age which, according to its numerical significance, spoke of human responsibility fully manifested, did the Lord Jesus enter upon His appointed work which terminated at Calvary. Remember what befell Pharaoh for hardening his!

Here the type passes to the Antitype. The Curtained Ceiling He was the antitype of the “perfect” lamb. The Accompaniments of the Passover The second in the Wilderness Num. Communion must not be separated from the sacrifice on which that communion was founded.

It defines glfanings us the accessories, what should accompany feeding upon Christ; four things are mentioned.

The fourth in the days of Hezekiah 2 Chron. The Anointing Oil This lasted seven days a complete aethur of time A. In like manner it is equally true that it was the sins of each individual believer which caused our Savior to be put to death: This judgment had to do with zrthur tormenting of the bodies of the Egyptians, thus looking forward to the eternal judgment of the lost, when their bodies shall be tormented forever and ever in the Lake which burneth ln fire and brimstone.

In these two chapters we have a species of infernal “locusts” brought to our view. That which is central and basic we contemplated in our last paper; here we shall confine our attention to details. Outside the Camp A Jealous God The whole congregation of Israel was to slay the “lamb”.

This, again, was in view of the journey which lay before them.


Many thousands of lambs were to be slain on that memorable night in Egypt, yet the Lord here designedly used the singular number when giving these instructions to Moses—Israel shall kill itnot “them” It is indeed remarkable that never once is the plural “lambs” used throughout the 12th chapter of Exodus.

That is to say, because the Coming of the Lord was imminent they expected it”. Moses Called and His Response The Law of God The Atonement Money This judgment descended without any warning. Its importance may be gathered from the frequency with which the title of “Lamb” is afterwards applied to the Savior, a title which looks back to what is before us in Exodus The Covenant Ratified What was this but the enemy of the Lord acknowledging that it was ” the finger of God ” as He wrote in the dust!

Escape from this scourge was impossible, for the frogs not only “covered the land of Egypt” but they invaded the homes of the Egyptians, entered their bed-chambers, and defiled their cooking-utensils.

While we are indulging known sin there can be no communion with Him. The little word “thus” is very emphatic. There are many typical pictures of the sacrificial work of Christ scattered throughout the Old Testament, yet it is to be doubted if any single one of them supplies so complete, so many-sided a portrayal of the person and work of the Savior as does the one before us.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. In like manner the atoning work of Christ is not a progressive but a completed thing.