High-energy frequencies are used, and in AROLO TIFAR©®, coded quartz and At this level, the work of the digital code symbols learned in AROLO I and II is. Arolo Tifar is an ancient Atlantean healing method that was rediscovered by Eckard Strohm and put back into practice in the early ‘s. “Arolo Tifar” are. Arolo – Tifar was the old name of Atlantis Healing System, where Arolo represent the levels one and two and Tifar represent the mastership.

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The Arolo Tifar analysis is not a muscle test, nor is it a form of divination. Use the AKMA symbol on the third chakra of the arolk. Spirit — is white according to the seventh chakra — Sahashara These will be the colors used in diagnosis of the above named energetic levels. The quartz and amethyst cubes are programmed by E.

It is very difficult and timely for complete healing to occur while treating only the symptoms.

Review sessions have been organized as a follow-up to the workshops, in order to support Arolo practitioners in training. Arolo aims to heal the root of the malfunction allowing individuals to more easily and consciously complete the specific apprenticeship at hand.

The Arolo diagnosis enables the arloo to differentiate between the symptoms and root cause of a malfunction. Then you attune the Ajna see Ajna attunement. Give exact orders of what you wish to happen for each patient at a time.

They will learn how to work with the results of the analysis to access essential information regarding the individual’s healing process. If the individual is in the midst of a karmic process Arolo Tifar does not allow the therapist to offer a complete healing since the pending lesson must be achieved by the individual.

It also has to be mentioned that in case that more levels show distress the third test is xrolo going to be done. Call the priests and the priestesses from Atlantis to initiate the student and to make a perfect tuning for the Atlantis energy. You make a mentally statement that tfiar it will always remain there.


AKMA on the third chakra of the patient 3. LIL aropo God is a cleaner and forgiveness in man. Hand treatment on the causing level. This analysis is especially useful for disorders that may be otherwise difficult to diagnose such as depressions, addictions, insomnia and phobias.

When there is a problem at inner level, the diameter of this cylinder is narrowing and the outer level diameter is increasing. Spirit — are the fifth and the last level that includes the last two chakras Ajna and Sahashara. Treatments at this level utilize two quartz stones and two amethyst stones. If the arm tested is: The Arolo analysis will give order to this chaos and help to steer the person in the most appropriate direction.

Tifad will notice that following the two exercises there is no difference in the way of receiving the point, aolo matter if we do the test eyes opened or closed.

Arolo Tifar – the active part of Reiki – FAQ

In this case the patient has to be sent to a priest. The diagnosis will be made each time the patient is coming for treatment. The energetic changes are achieved during treatment, any suggested course of action is to insure that the individual agolo not fall back into the old habits.

Divided five equals three plus two. In the Mastership level the symbols are colored, allowing the intrusion in multidimensional spaces.


To present the two principle in activity the symbolism has to be reversed: Using the quartz crystal on the cause points. Through this technique, students will learn how to clearly identify behavior patterns and learning processes as well as the causes of karmic processes. When you have an idea number three represents it and when you put into practice it represents four.


At this level, the work of the digital code symbols learned in AROLO I and II is replaced by specially programmed crystals, the authenticity of which can be easily verified.

Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Goodness. It helps to determine the cause of the energy un- harmony and in treatment. Where there are underlined levels as well down, as up we will exclude them. This level is, at human level, from the feet soil to the second chakra level.

Arolo-Tifar – The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

If there is only one letter on the inner level and on the outer level then the outer level is the first because the problems are easier to eliminate from the outer levels. The ideal of the intellect is intelligence, of the heart is love and of the will is the strength. Arolo Tifar is both a new and a very ancient healing technique. Jim’s father inherited this fear as well.

***ATLANTIS HEALING SYSTEM Pages 1 – 49 – Text Version | AnyFlip

After successful completion of the Tifar II workshop, the Arolo practitioner will have accessed the most elevated flow of divine energy a human being is capable of incorporating. By merging the two equilateral triangles it results the hexagram, the symbol of the Harmony between Divine and man. It is established the unique cause of the energetic un-harmonies. There are two analyses: Triangle – represents the Psychic and it is green.

Soul — is blue according to the sixth chakra — Ajna 5.

It shows the cause of the affection the place where it appears on the energy level. It is used in frame of the attunement.