The Hellenistic poet Aratus of Soli (ca to before bc)1 is known primarily as the author of Phaenomena, a poem which de- scribes the constellations and. Phaenomena, a poem on star constellations and weather signs by Aratus (c. BCE), was among the most widely read in antiquity and one of the few. Aratus’ Phaenomena is a didactic poem—a practical manual in verse that teaches the reader to identify constellations and predict weather. The poem also .

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Phaenomena | work by Aratus |

At times the innovation can be blinding. Seven are they in the songs of men, albeit only six are visible to the eyes. Then let broad-beamed ships be my choice, and let steersmen hold the helm into the wind. Thrice the mastich buds and thrice wax ripe its berries.

And to underscore the personal quality of the true God Paul states that God has “overlooked” the times of ignorance 30″commands” all men to repent araatussince He has fixed a day when He “will judge” 31 the world by Christ whom He “has appointed” Eric marked it as to-read Aug 21, Authors of twenty-seven commentaries are known; ones by Theon of AlexandriaAchilles Tatius and Hipparchus of Nicaea survive.

Sybille Norris marked it as to-read Dec 08, pyaenomena The immobility of the earthand the revolution of the sky about a fixed axis are maintained; the path of the sun in the zodiac is described; but the planets are introduced merely as bodies having a phsenomena of their own, without any attempt to define their periods; nor is anything said about the moon’s orbit.

Thou canst always add the signs of the passing season, comparing whether at rising or phaenmena setting of a start the day dawn such as the calendar would herald. For arxtus in trouble pain her heart, and other signs in other quarters she kindles in sorrow for mariners, storm-buffeted at sea. When he cites the saying that man is God’s offspring, Paul employs the words in light of God’s self-revelation in the Old Testament.

The Maiden is borne a little to agatus South and does not touch the Belt, but on it are the Lion and the Crab, Thereon are they both established side by side, but the circle cuts the Lion beneath the breast and belly lengthwise to the loins, and phaenomeena Crab it cuts clean through by the shell where thou canst see him most clearly cut, as he stands upright with his eyes on either side of the Phasnomena.


Kevin rated it it was amazing May 12, Hanny marked it as to-read Nov 01, It is not surprising therefore that Luke, who records Paul’s visit to the city in Acts 17, makes Paul’s speech to the Athenians one of the high points of his book.

Paul may have spoken at some length about God’s second commandment not to worship Him by means of images. In it is the Turning-point of the Sun in summer [solstice]. Yet they too can be seen, for they are not feeble. For such lightnings herald rain. Then set the Cyllenian Lyre, the Dolphin and the shapely Arrow. To ask other readers questions about Aratusplease sign up. It is noteworthy that Aratus commences his poem with the words, “let us begin with Zeus,” for the gods who were conventionally invoked by Greek poets were the Muses, the goddesses of poetic inspiration.

Paul tests the spirit of the Athenians and shows them phaenomen it is not of the true God. Paul uses a line from the poem of Aratus as a part of his message that the people must repent from the idolatry which characterized their lives.

Aratus: Phaenomena by Aratus

Far meaner than themselves! It describes the constellations and other celestial phenomena.

Paul’s warning of the imminent judgment of God has as goal the conversion of his audience by reasoned yet urgent appeal. Some messages the Moon will convey with orb half-full as she waxes or wanes, others when full: Edward Lear is an apt character to think about at Christmas-time.

I could close my eyes and almost see the star patterns take shape. And in the early history of Athens the judicial court did meet here. This volume presents for the first time in English an edition of the poem with a full introduction, a facing translation and a line-by-line commentary. After the Iliad and the Odysseythe Phaenomena was the most widely read arauts in the ancient world.


Nor are dark halos near the Sun signs of fair weather: In verse 28 of Acts 17 Paul quotes the Phaenomena of Aratus not to demonstrate his erudition but to show the Athenians that their religion is tantamount to idolatry. For we are also his offspring; b and he in his kindness unto men giveth favourable signs and wakeneth the people to work, reminding them of livelihood.

He merely uses the same language that the Stoics use in their description of the Zeus they believe controls the universe.

Hymns and Epigrams. Lycophron: Alexandra. Aratus: Phaenomena

But another tale is current among men, how of old she dwelt on earth and met men face to face, nor ever disdained in olden time the tribes of men and women, but mingling with them took her seat, immortal though she was. Nor be thou heedless of rain, what time before him rises a thin mist, after which the Sun himself ascends with scanty phaenojena.

From the rock the water wells and never shalt thou see it far from the men of Thespiae; but the Horse himself circles in the heaven of Zeus and is there for thee to behold.

In that month use not the open sea lest thou be engulfed in the waves. The hymns are very learned and artificial in style; the epigrams are good they are also in the Loeb Greek Anthology volumes.

Jennifer Howard rated it it was amazing Oct 23, But if he is draped both black and red at once, he will bring rain and will strain beneath the wind. The circle is divided, as well as may be, into eight parts, whereof five in the daytime wheel on high above the earth aratsu three beneath the horizon.

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