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Using the same length of 5,16 meters, the SWR rises to 1: If we compare the results with those of example 2, we see that, using the counterpoise, we have improved the antenna gain in 6,5 dB, having also three times more radiation efficiency. This helped support the flagpole, and allowed an electrical connection to the flagpole. This started out being a stelth antenna for a friend. Again, keep in mind that match does not translate to good radiation pattern, so after adjusting the antenna for match, make sure it radiates well.

EA4FSI-28T1 – HF Antennas

For example, at The balun is rather easy to make you need only a few items. Ganancia en dB de una Antena. It will be necessary to use an impedance transformer or an antenna tuner. Alimentada en un extremo. That is, the antenna is unmatched with an impedance far away of 50 ohms in its feeding point.


The instructions of the assembly of the antenna say to slip one section over another, but the fear was that just the pressure of pushing sections together would not be satisfactory for an RF connection. The result is a counterpoise of 4,79 meters with an SWR of 1: The bottom tube was slipped over the PVC, and clamped down for now.

It can be concluded that, for a monopole of given length, the use of a single radial or counterpoise of studied length will benefit the overall antenna efficiency and gain in the direction imposed by the counterpoise.

Calculo de dipolos acortados. A little low, but generally OK for most 20 meter use. Monopole over perfect ground. The table 1 is a summary of the simulations performed with the ideal monopole over perfect ground, the monopole over real average ground and the effects of using one or four radials or counterpoises.

Keep that in mind that if someone touches the flagpole, or fido decides to salute it, that there is a shock hazzard.

The takeoff angle of radiation was not too bad. The flagpole was mounted on a PVC post that we placed in the ground.

EA4FSIT1 :: HF Antennas – Analysis of HF Monopoles

Cables de red con RJ What we ended up with was a PVC post sticking out of the anyena about 24″ that had rebar and cement inside, and a nice platform for the flagpole made of cement. In the simulation, the radial or counterpoise is extended all along the X-axis of the ground plane. Carga de la antena.


The impedance of the antenna at mnopolo feeding point changes, making necessary to design again the antenna length, or to use a matching network or antenna coupler.

After all the pipes were connected, we did place a screw through the sections to hold them tight. The SWR at the design frequency is 1: He loved working 20 meters, but the housing community he moved monopoolo prohibited antennas that could be seen by the public. Yagi de 3 elementos.

La antena vertical es una antena completa, pero necsita de un plano de masa o de tierra para poder funcionar correctamente y para que su eficiencia sea igual a la de una antena dipolo.

Comparison of several monopole configurations. In this first analysis we consider a perfect ground and zero radials. Potencial de la tierra.

Resistencia Total de la antena. A 35 foot pole should work well for 40 meters.

Resistencia Total de la antena 8. Keep this in mind!