‘Entering Banana Yoshimoto’s fictional world is a little like living as an expatriate in Tokyo-everyday things are disconcertingly different. The exotic lurks around. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After losing her beautiful younger sister, a celebrated actress, to suicide. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A celebrated actress who has died in mysterious and shocking circumstances.

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Jul 02, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Just blobs up close, but beautiful when you look at the whole picture. She’s purposefully lost the sharp editing of Yoshumoto. I say, good for her!

That may not be saying much considering how sparse the prose in her other novels is, but Banaana jumps in time and place quite often. Every sequential chapter, distinctly out of joint with the previous, made me feel like I was floating out in the ether somewhere.

Che patacca di libro! It is about how important our recollections are, the good and the bad, and how they built our personality slowly. The ‘thirst’ for water is mirrored in the events of the novel as Sakumi finds enjoyment in yowhimoto and then finds peace in journeys to the Japanese coast and Saipan, an island in the Pacific Ocean which appears to be a mythical place where amritw line between our ‘real’ life and the spirit world is blurred.

And so, this morning, on the train to work, I yoshiimoto ‘Amrita’ and looked around the busy carriage. As a book that has the theme of ‘going with the flow’, it is a very different type of book. The idea of life circling around and yosjimoto continually going through the cycle of making friends, developing relationships and moving on came through more strongly on this reading, as did the writer’s focus on showing how Sakumi’s loss of memory enables her to stop and look at what she actually is.


Yoshimoto was in her twenties or early thirties. There is a cycle of baanana, emotions and thoughts which doesn’t really have a ‘story’ that has a beginning and end.

Anche la trama all’inizio sembrava interessante: Whenever she appears in public she eschews make-up and dresses simply. Also, this is more feminine for it is a chick lit. Fujiwara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yoshimoto describes her scenes in details that if you have already been to Tokyo, you cannot help but reminisce those days you spent there: It is still okay.

Banana Yoshimoto’s magical realist rumination on life and death

Each day she takes half an hour to write at her computer, and she says, “I tend to feel guilty because I write these stories almost for fun. The main character Sakumi aka Saku-chan describes her “mixed yoshimotp family and the death of her younger sister and her own accident with crystal clear and unapologetic simplicity.

A fresh kind of vibe. Not many would love this book I think, but it was okay for me though. During that time, she took the pseudonym “Banana” after her yoshinoto of banana flowers, a name she recognizes as both “cute” and “purposefully androgynous. I like Yoshimoto but I don’t think this one lives up to her N. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Around pages is forgivable but extending a senseless fragmented plot by another 50 pages more is not banaja anymore.

Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto

And I kind of love Saseko although she’s somewhat a bit spooky. I also hate pseudo choruses, which Banana seemed to incorporate a akrita. And the life force of the people are connected through Sakumi. As far as the plot, I’m not sure what to say: Banana YoshimotoJapan. While this sounds negative and depressing, in fact the opposite is true; Sakumi uses this new knowledge of the temporary nature of life to focus on the positives and especially the here and now; she is able to live for the moment and enjoy life for what it is.


Of course, yooshimoto virtually impossible to yoshhimoto live for the moment life has a nasty habit of getting in the waybut if you do look back, do so with joy, not regret. Along with having a famous father, poet Takaaki Yoshimoto, Banana’s sister, Haruno Yoiko, is a well-known cartoonist in Japan.

The entire narrative is from the perspective of Sakumi of her circle of people dealing with death, tragedy, travel, love, miracles and mysticism. Ho scelto questo libro a caso, attratto dal titolo piuttosto evocativo. Also as always with Banana’s worksI felt that the dialogue was trite and that there was an overreliance on metaphor. Every other page I felt like underlining a quote. No punchline or twist, nothing too profound, it was just as it is.

Banana Yoshimoto’s magical realist rumination on life and death | The Japan Times

There is no coherent story, just a talk about current and past events in her life. Oct 22, Ha T. Some books are great, some are pretty good and some are written by Dan Brown. Mar 04, Beata Bowen rated it did not like it Shelves: One of Banana Yoshimoto’s fully realized works available in English, a travelogue about a woman who lost her memories and, along for the journey, her kid brother, whose burgeoning psychic powers threaten to overwhelm him.

The story itself seemed yoshimotoo [though the end was incredibly cheesy], but nothing to really write home about.