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Let a, b and c are sides lengths of triangle. A procedure elsktronike the calculation of the natural gas molar heat capacity, the isentropic exponent, and the Joule-Thomson coefficient. The aamir of capital budgeting analysis for distributed generation allocation problems. Skola Elektronike by Amir Halep. Simulation of three-phase transformer inrush currents by using backward and numerical differentiation formulae.

Stability and performance limits for active vibration isolation using blended velocity feedback. Use of volumetric features for temporal comparison of mass lesions in full field digital mammograms.

Mortality case by: amir behnam kharazmi – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Edge adaptive upsampling of depth map videos for enhanced free-viewpoint video quality. Modular energy cost optimization for buildings with integrated microgrid.


Sawatzky, Tomislav Seva, A. Nasir, Sabih; Hewage, Chaminda T.

Influence of edge defects, vacancies and potential fluctuations on transport properties of extremely-scaled graphene nanoribbons. Comparison of analytical and boundary element modeling of electromagnetic field coupling to overhead and buried wires.

Assessment of lightning current parameters suitable for wind turbine overvoltage protection analysis. A, Statistical mechanics and its applications. Yugo Tehnicka knjiga 1 – ar. Okayasu, Tomislav Petkovic, J.

Problems Proposed by Vasc and Arqady – Amir Hossein Parvardi

Margeta, Jure; Glasnovic, Zvonimir. Srivastava, Lara; Zrno, Damir. The electromagnetic field coupling to buried wires: Programming Problems and Exercises A short collection of programming problems and exercises.

Modeling of current-limiting air-core series reactor eleltronike transient recovery voltage studies.

Plasma density measurements in a developing void. Cogeneration — Investment dilemma. Thiocyanate complexes of the group 12 metals with pyridinecarboxamide.

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  ASTM E1461 PDF

Temporal phase unwrapping using orthographic projection. Automation of flexible distributed multi- generation systems by utilizing optimized middleware platform. Challenges and future trends in marine robotics.

Attack-aware wavelength assignment for localization of in-band crosstalk attack propagation. Network configurations and formation of the connection point to the Utility power grid.

Reinforcement learning for control: Challenges and prospects of electricity production from renewable energy sources in Slovenia. A, Applications and materials science. Monte Carlo method for estimating backflashover rates on high elekteonike transmission lines.

Magnetic current loop as a source model for finite thin-wire antennas. Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York: Predavanja, primjeri i seminari. Comparison of uncalibrated model-free visual servoing methods for small amplitude movement: Obrada signala u komunikacijama – Materijali za predavanja.