Atwater-Rhodes (the Den of Shadows series) introduces a fascinating world in which magic and mercenaries are everywhere, largely. AMELIA ATWATER-RHODES wrote her first novel, In the Forests of the Night, when she was thirteen. Other books in the Den of Shadows series are Demon in . Poison Tree is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the eighth book in her Den of Shadows series. It is her thirteenth novel overall. Released on July.

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And those side characters I mentioned before still seemed a little underdeveloped.

Poison Tree (Atwater-Rhodes novel) – Wikipedia

Kenyon rated it liked it Shelves: It seems, very sadly, that this read just wasn’t for me. It had romance but not too consuming that it took away from the story.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I liked the organization she created, called Single Earth. Nestled in the woods of Western Massachusetts, Haven 4 runs semi-smoothly. Alysia tells herself that she has put her days as a mercenary for the brutal Bruja Guilds behind her. But it was small, and the showdown between Sarik and her father made up for that little problem.


Things get pretty complicated in this story, their are hidden relationships pioson all four characters, especially Afwater-rhodes, who is not exactly who she claims to be. Be the first to discover new talent! I found myself intrigued by the dual protagonists of Sarik and Alysia.

She is not without flaws, but she is mentally strong and definite My thoughts This book suffers from faux action girl syndrome, flat characters, lack of closure to character arcs and relationships, and plot twists that depend on atwatfr-rhodes spoiler [omitting important details from characters’ introspection, which felt like an authorial cheat hide spoiler ].

Retrieved from ” http: There seemed at times a guy or two was pursuing her, but then again, the disconnect came about and I never really figured out if someone was after her heart as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I still don’t know how she let Christian take her captive and return her, apparently by force, to her abusive father the King of the Tigers. How did he just turn into a witch during the two years Alysia was gone he was already one and that’s when he matured into his abilities? Amelia threw in a few twists, some of which I predicted, and some of which made me reread the previous page just to wrap my head around trse revealed information.


Atwater-rohdes also seems disturbingly okay atwater-hodes underage mercenaries I would have expected SingleEarth and Sarik to have some not-so-positive things to say on that, really.

See more of my reviews: ONCE, she thought she knew who she was, and who her father demanded she become. Sarik who has been with SingleEarth for several years isn’t so sure that Alysia’s intentions are straightf I didn’t realize I was starting in the middle of a series, which might explain why I had so much trouble getting into the the author’s highly creative world ammelia humans coexist with vampires, witches, shapeshifters, and even ghosts.

Jan 02, Jaimie rated it really liked it. On a stormy night, three bolts are shot by someone who knows their way around a crossbow.

It stopped the pacing of plot and jarred me out of the reading experience. In the end only some of these questions were answered and I was left still confused at what happened. Upon her arrival at SingleEarth Haven Number Four, Sarik’s vampiric lover Jason is attacked by a suspicious Onyx bounty hunter and the Haven is dragged into the middle of a disaster.

Nov 12, Elizabeth rated it liked it.

Who are the romantic interest of the main characters? Aug 15, Shyla Colt rated it liked it. I just felt so disconnected throughout this story while I was reading. However, I felt like Christian and Jason were lacking something development-wise. Weaving in the other characters: Sarik has her own complicated past that comes into play as we move further along with the story.

There are also two interesting supporting characters, but again, their stories are way too condensed. I was also on the fencing team for two years, an experience that actually inspired a couple storylines, and regret that I did not continue with that sport.

There are lots of characters some of which appear in her other books and their relationships are sometimes difficult to discern sometimes it seemed like walking in the middle of a moviebut the book is incredibly readable and interesting.


Poison Tree

Trivia About Poison Tree Den I can’t even be sure if there was romance in it. This book has motivated me to re-read all her previous books and I hope it would do the same for you. At times I felt there were too many characters to keep track poisno in the story.

The rest of the action takes place six years later. There is also the interesting political and personal aspect of the shapeshifting Tiger clans that became a focal point because of Sarik.

A bit slow to start because of the complexity of a bunch of new characters and backstories, but the world building in the Den of Shadows explodes in this book, and when combined with lots of classic Atwater-Rhodes violence, it makes for a fun read.

POISON TREE by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes | Kirkus Reviews

I am truly disappointed by the fact that the author seems to have decided to “spice up” her writing when it was perfect the way it used to be. Reception for Poison Tree has been mostly positive, with the book garnering positive reviews from Publishers Weekly and Teenreads. It was also nice to see all kinds of characters in this book.

Other books in the series. This just lacked clarity and development and I had a tough time pushing through to the end.

I thought Sarik and Alysia were very well developed c Once again, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has proven her writing ability and reminded me why she is my favorite author. Oct 02, Ellz Readz rated it liked it. Then come an ARC for this book, which I decided to try because it’s in her universe that I already know. After Sarik starts trying to find a home amelja the Mistari weretiger trse did I realize it is her story.