Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a. Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note.

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They delayed so long, that when they came to the ship, they found every place in the ship occupied, and no room for them to sit down.

The Alchemy of Happiness: Imam Al-Ghazzali: : Books

Dec 01, Susan Devy rated it it was amazing Shelves: And since they did abstain from such little things, regarding them as injurious, how should it be otherwise than injurious to these foolish people to drink wine, in full bowls and even by the jar full? If, for example, the heart gives permission to the ear, hearing results; if it gives permission to the eye, there follows sight; if it gives permission to the foot, there is movement.

While perusing these pages, akchemy noticing how much of the language of Ghazzali corresponds in its representations of God, of a holy life and of eternity, with the solemn instructions to which we have listened from our infancy, we may think of the magicians who imitated the miracles of Moses with their enchantments.

The law, however, gives no permission to develop this secret, and it is not lawful to stretch out one’s hand to do what alchem legislator forbids.

They know that the wisdom, piety and abstinence of the prophets and saints were not less than their own.

Although it throws no light on any questions of geography, philology or political history, objects most frequently in view in translations from the Oriental languages, yet a book which exhibits with such plainness the opinions of so large a portion of the human race as the Mohammedans, on questions of philosophy, practical morality and religion, will always be as interesting to the general reader and to a numerous class of students, as the facts that may be elicited to complete a series of kings in a dynasty or to establish the site of an ancient city can be to the historian or the geographer.

Desire is a standard bearer; anger is a superintendent of the city, the heart is its sovereign, and reason is the vizier.

By the distribution of this spirit happinews the body, the eye sees, the ear hears, the tongue tastes, the nose smells, and the rest of the organs are endowed with their proper movements and perform their appropriate happiness. It is said that one day some ripe dates were brought to the prophet, and he took one and put it in his blessed mouth. The astrologer also says, that the sun is a star, which causes heat and light upon the earth. All the world indeed, in comparison with it, is as a grain compared with the sun, or as a drop in the ocean.


The creation spoken of in the verse is in the sense of foreordination and not of actual formation. That cause which throws the constitution out of balance and occasions the complete absence of the exhalation, is called the Angel of death, who is also a creature of God. If for example, a man of a malicious disposition look upon some little thing with envy, and if while he is looking, the destruction of the object should come into his mind, an influence upon it may be observed immediately, and directly or after a while that object will be destroyed: They allege that man and other animals are like vegetables, and do not enter into another body when they die.

Anyone with a decent heart will come to really appreciate why Muslims love Islam. The Analects of Ghwzali Norton Paperback.

If the rider doesn’t know how to control his ride It is the first step in Islamism, that a man should keep his soul subject to the law.

Islamic world could have progressed a lot from this gem, with Rumi’s philosophy coming out at the same time. The Alchemy of Happiness is a must read for imak who wishes to take the journey for self explotation, to better understand the self; and by doing so, establish a solid relationship with Allah, the lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between.

O seeker after the divine mysteries! But in death, as the senses are completely separated and the veil of the body is removed, the heart can contemplate the invisible Edition: It is God who graciously teaches the student what spirit is, as we find in the Holy Book: If he performs his duty well, in time of war, in running, fleeing and going to meet the enemy, his service is accepted, and he will be treated with attention in his accoutrements, grooming and feeding.

Apr 06, Ali rated it it was amazing Shelves: They say, that a resurrection, in which spirits and bodies shall be reassembled in one place, is impossible, and that there will be neither discipline or punishment, recompense or reward.

Know, beloved, that the sovereign recognizes no other person except the sovereign himself. To him knowing self is knowing everything. And in eating, it is the heart which by an exertion of its will, causes moisture to rise in the mouth from under the tongue, to mix with the food that it may be swallowed and digested. One of the best books on religious existentialism, only Kierkegaard and Newman come close to Ghazali in this field, an intellectual approach to religion, building belief as a Dostoevskean necessity for meaning of life in a meaningless world.

The fountain of the animal spirit is in that heart which is in the left side of the breast, and is a piece of flesh. There was also a not great part to this book. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The tongue was formed like a spoon to throw the food into the throat. Still the veil of heedlessness disappeared from the eyes of those to whom the grace and guidance of the Eternal and unchangeable gave aid and support, and the discovery of the invisible world was not concealed from the view of some of those who came into this material world, but was anew revealed to them, after a measure of exertion of spiritual ardor.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. From all which has been said, seeker after the divine mysteries, thou hast learned something of the dignity of the nature of man, and that the way of the mystics is holy and honorable.

The Alchemy of Happiness – Online Library of Liberty

Know, that the state previous to death is called the world, because mortality is close at hand. And unless he stops, he will destroy himself by drinking. Not one of them was saved. The world, beloved, is like an enchanter, who exhibits himself Edition: It also advocates about a simpler and fuller lifestyle and how to deal with mundane to important diurnal issues. But when we speak of heart, we do not mean the piece of flesh which is in the left side of the breast of a man, for that is found in a dead body and in animals: Talha rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Sorcery with the eyes, is of this kind of power.

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Seeing happimess this world is itself a mansion built for travellers, by the road over which they are to pass, that they may make a halt, and lay in provisions preparatory to leaving it again, he is a wise guest who does not lay bis hand upon other things than his necessary provisions, lest on the morrow when about to move on, they take them out of his hands, and he expose himself to regret and sorrow.

But God has been abundant in kindness to you, and has given you so many servants, and has in no wise any need of aldhemy. The enjoyment of the ear is secured in listening to harmonious voices. It addresses how to handle human emotions such This is a brilliant book. There were some great alcgemy that helped me understand various aspects of Islamic eschatology, theology and cosmology; these parts which constitute 7 out of 8 chapters were excellent imak I recommend reading them as Al-Ghazali had an astute understanding of how they related to cultivate a profound devotional life.