View and Download ALASKA BM user manual online. Bread Maker. BM Bread Maker pdf manual download. Click to go to view Bedienungsanleitung Alaska Kl search result. Download manual Bread baking machine ALASKA BM Download manual: Bread. .com/ TZ

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MM flashes on the LCD screen 5 and a sign Isounds, the bread machine is not yet sufficiently cooled off. Fill the selected and precisely measured ingredients into the baking pan 2.


It is extraordinarily important to precisely measure liquid and solidingredients. Claims must be submitted immediately after their determination. More Bread Maker Overview Programs and operating panel. If the ingredients are too colde. Never fill the baking pan 2 with ingredients, including liquids, exceeding this amount. Melt ed Butter Cru stTo achieve a soft, tender crust, baste melted butter on top of the freshly baked bread.

The components of the bread machine, excluding the dough hook 3 and baking pan 2 are not dishwasher safe and must only be cleaned by hand. It contains the germ and thebranwhich causes the wholewheat flour to be heavier and also more nutrit ious than all-purpose flour.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Uquid and solid ingredients require thefollowing methods for measuring, which vary somewhat: Self-Rising FlourSelf-rising flour contains unnecessary leavening ingredients, which influence the baking ofbreads alsska cakes. Never use the bread machine near flammable material. When using the programs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 11, the device will sound a signal to remind you toadd further ingredients, e.

FatOilbaking fat, butter and margarine shorten or soften the structure of yeast breads. Bexienungsanleitung yeas t packages or cans containingleftover yeast to be used at a later time should be closed immediately after opening, kep t airtight and placed in the refrigerator.


Mea suring liquidsTo measure liquids like water or milk, we recommend using transparent containers madeof plastic or glass or the enclosed measuring cup Program without baking phase.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not playwith the appliance. The device is preset to2. Please be sure that the dough hook 3 locks. We recommendusing traditional dry yeast. Place bedienuungsanleitung appliance only on a level, sturdy and heat-resistant surface, away from gasflames or stoves and heaters and out of reach of children.

The bread is not baked completelyYou might h v s I cted the wrong program. Use the pot holder andoven gloves to remove the backing pan 2 from the device. The quantityof salt listed in recipes should therefore not be increased. This bread machine is intended only for private use,not for commercial applications.

The bread machine may be switched on only after the baking pan was filled withingredients and inserted into the appliance. Please be sure that theyeast do s not come into con tact with salt or liquid.

alasia During the kneading process, the device will mix the ingredients for several minutes. Never hold the unit under running water and never submerge the unit in water or otherfluids. The br ead rose too mu chYou might have used too much yeasl, flour or wat r.

That is 10 hours and 30 minutes from now. Theunique crust and structure of French bread baguette is caused by omitting butter.

Wipe the baking chamber and exterior side of the appliance with a slightly damp cloth anddry it using a soft cloth. Wait another 10 – 20 minutesbefore using the device again. Program 1 will appear on the LCD screen 5.


It is also called Graham Flour and has a high fibre Corn and oat flour is made by grinding coarse kernels of yellow or white corn or pre-treated oat content.

ALASKA BM 2600 User Manual

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Addthe ingredients, in the order listed in the recipe, into the baking pan 2. Juices aresometimes listed as the liquid ingredient apple juice, orange juice, etc. Push and hold the key or ‘i1 ,the timer will change continuously by 10minutes increments. Alerton Microset Instruction Documents. During this time, the yeast will becomeactive.

U only dry y I, inc fr sh y st caninfluence the result negatively. Place all power cables neatly out of the way so as to avoid a possible accidental pulling ortripping. Bedienungsznleitung a small am5? The recipe is usually printed on or enclosed in thepackaging.

When disconnecting from the power outlet, do not pull on the power cable, do not wrapthe power cable alaeka the unit. Thetimer can be preprogrammed to max. Use the key MENU to select the desired program.

The dough hook 3 might not be correctly inserted onto the drive axle 4 or the baking pan 2 was not correctly attached to the drive axle 4. Small quantities of solid or liquid ingredients e. Glutenbecomes elastic during kneading and forms the texture of the dough.

Rye flour must always be mixed with a large quantity of all-purpose flour, bread orgluten flour, because bedieenungsanleitung gluten content of rye flour is insufficient to form the structure for anevenly risengrainy loaf of bread.

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