and all previous versions Approved by the AISC Committee on This document, the AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings (hereafter. All about ANSI/AISC – Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings, Including Supplement No. 1 by American Institute of Steel Construction. steel special moment frames together with associated lateral drift limits. ANSI/ AISC , Seismic Provisions for. Structural Steel Buildings (AISC a).

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This pure shear load casecan then be included in the load combos to yield a conservative design for the frame elements that otherwise would benefit from the eccentricity.

Additional explanatory notes have been included in the calculation sheet to help users understand output terms that have been reported to be ambiguous. Depending on the type of change you can get an error, e. Some codes esspaol require such a conservative approach, but most building codes recognize the reality of the eccentricity and the effect it has on the structure. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

The iterative approach described above is used for these situations too. Wrong Eigenvalue solver was used in analysis. Windows 7 x64; Windows 10?

An incorrect moment magnifier was calculated and used. But one thing can be done to avoid the mapping dialog.

Why can’t I plot the center of rigidity? Custom combinations generated in the Analysis module were erroneously included in the combinations considered for the Seismic Provisions code check when the AISC and AISC codes were selected.

Once the environment variables are set via System Properties, Concept should work by double-clicking the Concept icon or Concept data files.


Our products are offered in bit and bit releases to support a variety of Windows operating systems. The noteworthy error corrections are listed here in order to notify you that they have been corrected or to assist you in determining the impact of those errors on previous designs. In the past version 8.

It is now calculated and reported in the punching shear output. Bentley Connect Advisor provides links to valuable resources, including training courses, Bentley Communities articles, and YouTube videos. In other words, at the top a lateral load must be applied farther from the middle in order to bend the channel without twisting it. Potentially conservative moment magnifier was calculated and used. First a Center of Rigidity load case must be created and analyzed 3411-05 order to plot the location using Process – Results – Center of Rigidity.

For pilecaps designed to the Indian code, oneway shear checks are now performed at a distance 0. See the release notes located HERE for the features in this version.

Table of Contents in calculation sheet for pilecap design reports In the calculation sheet displayed for design of pilecap, a table of contents was lacking, due to which quickly accessing specific sections of the report was a tedious task. This feature has been enhanced with aics material, filtered to provide more pertinent links. Every Article will be provided with DOI and will remain the permanent link of that article.


Furthermore, this graphical result is only provided for rigid diaphragms. Pro because of incompatible formats for their respective property databases.


The problem occurs because one of the. The requirement of ACI Section A snapshot of the calculation sheet is shown in the next figure. If a model includes columns outside diaphragm and if these columns are elevated, the program incorrectly treated this condition as a sloped diaphragm and calculated large gravity loads on diaphragm.

Processor — While some of the solvers in our structural products can utilize multiple processors, the products as a general rule utilize one processor 314-05 a time. Articles on this Page showing articles to of All configurations that result in a safe arrangement are then presented to the user. Refer to that document for more information. Memory and processor speed are the biggest factors for that. In the calculation sheet displayed for design of pilecap, a table of contents was lacking, due to which quickly accessing specific sections of espal report was a tedious task.


The dialog was expecting SI unit input; if English unit values were specified it used those values as if SI, resulting in incorrect wind forces. The program applied the Ritz Vector solution if Lanczos solution was selected, and applied the Lanczos solution if Ritz Vector solution was selected.

Corrections made to graphics, reports, Modeler functions, program crashes, etc. A calculation sheet is produced by the program for each support where a pile cap is designed.