AR DVD Bedienungsanleitung/Garantie Instruction Manual 3”/7,6 cm Autoradio mit DVD/USB/Card Reader 3”/ cm Car Radio with DVD/USB/Card. “Reviews of Aug 21, Excellent Reviews: I gave this merchant an Excellent review because of this experience with them. I ordered, and. Specifications recorder. Tuner, is, digital. CD-player, yes. MP3-player, yes. DVD- player, yes. Blu-ray-player, no. Amplifier, yes. Equalizer, yes. Navigator, no.

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Aeg Aeg Ar 4023 Dvd Car Radio With Monitor,Aeg,AEG AR 4023,1104355

Fault Symptoms DVD cannot be played. Der TA-Modus wird hierdurch ausgeschaltet.

Es kann nur eine Low Power mA Stromversorgung zugesichert werden. For these reasons it is possible that in rare cases. The transmission signals are too weak. We do not accept any liability for damage caused by installation or connection errors or for consequential aet. Control Panel 4 Deutsch Abbildung 1: Enter text from picture: Use a finalised DVD.

The device is not firmly installed. If you still have questions after going through the checklist, please consult your local 4032 service representative. The slide control is used as follows: If you change the default settings via the remote control, these changes will only be valid until the DVD-Player is switched off or the DVD is changed. Do not leave CDs in the car if it is parked in direct sunlight as this will lead to a considerable rise in the temperature inside the car.


Here you have the possibility to choose Mono-output instead of Stereooutput. You will see the complete width of the film. The device is designed for the minus pole of the battery, which must be connected to the body of the vehicle. The automatical setting of the time may take afg minutes.

Die automatische Einstellung der Uhrzeit kann einige Minuten dauern. The settings af automatically applied. DVD kann nicht abgespielt werden. As the mute time during the frequency change and the test time is very short, this aet almost inaudible during the normal programme. When disposing of old batteries you should strictly comply with the legal and[ Furthermore, the music industry does not adhere to fixed standards copy protection.

The TA symbol appears in the dis- play. The radio searches in the background for the best frequency reception of the station that has been tuned into. Table of Contents Page: With the cursor buttons Fig. For manually setting the radio station.

Aeg Aeg Ar Dvd Car Radio With Monitor,Aeg,AEG AR , – sjghie

This might make transmission of the signals from the remote control to the device impossible. Remove the CD and insert it again. The following options are available: Benutzen Sie daher Ihre Autoradioanlage immer so, dass Sie stets der aktuellen Verkehrssituation gewachsen sind.


Change audio languages depending on the DVD. The symbol with an exclamation mark should advise the user of important operation or maintenance instructions in the at ing documentation. For direct selection of chapter or song number. You will now see a table. However, this is necessary for storing the radio stations.

Car radio AEG AR 4023.

The selected op- tion is now highlighted. USB stick, please insert the stick into the opening. This menu is spe- cific for the DVD and can thus not be explained in detail. Then turn the multifunction control 13 to make the selec- tion in the PTY.

It is possible that such CDs may not only be destroyed themselves, but may also destroy the drive of the CD player. Legen Sie die CD richtig herum ein.

The presence of parents is strictly recommend- ed. If you do not have a wide screen TV the TV-aspect will be 4: