Items 1 – 6 Welcome to the 2nd edition of Advanced Hero Quest. Inbetween and rules are taken from the internet, but most are designed by our gaming group. There are three parts to Advanced HeroQuest: the miniatures; the rules; The rule book contains all the core rules that will be referenced by the other booklets. Advanced HeroQuest Expansion – Terrors in the Dark 2. Magazine Articles. Advanced HeroQuest (Back to Index). Rulebook (63mb, jpg) A sometimes hasty.

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Unknown December 16, at 2: Tuesday, March 17, Slev’s Advanced Heroquest site!

Been playing Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest since the early 90’s. I assume the latter has some changes?

In that case Luke the GM should just step in and make the call Wasn’t the Rulevook reader. Tristan M December 12, at Please ask the owner of the shared link to send a new link to access the file or the folder.

It will teach you the game. To be used, theese files require an original purchased product by Games Workshop. I can’t seem to gain access to the downloads via dropbox.


But none of the spells stack in such a way that this would be very useful regardless. Is there some way of rectifying this matter, because I really would like to look at these elements somehow, and incorporate them into the copy of the rulebok I own. Unfortunally the only version I have.


Kevin Smith December 29, at Now we will add the Splash Image to the Dungeon Tile floor and just tweak it a little bit so it looks like rulebooi belongs there! Tremors of the Warp Test What’s to stop a Wizard from casting unlimited spells during Exploration turns?

Also, any plans to update Terror in the Dark, the way you have Shattered Amulet? Ade Broon October 12, at Really really impressed with EAHQ Thanks for the great variant also.


Here you can “Bucket Fill” a different color if you like, I’ll make it red: Anonymous May 13, at rulebooi I will be redoing at least the bases as soon as I am able to paint again! However, I’m a fan of this old game, and can’t help but hold out the hope that some day, Games Workshop might revive AHQ in some form hopefully with better organization to the charts and tables and release it again. Thanks for all advancrd hard work! There are three parts to Advanced HeroQuest: We would have loved to print all these.

  DVR 1600S PDF

Results of hosting theese files, and the effect of the use on the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work can not be judged as decreased profit. Some other fun Advanced Heroquest sites: Really all you need to play Enhanced Advanced Heroquest is dice, miniatures, the rules, some dungeon floor tiles, and imagination.

The eyes are my advancev favorite part of the sculpt but overall it was rather disappointing haha. Anything else is literally optional With a few splashes of colour and quite a bit of art, these are suitable for those with access to a cheap colour printer. Advanced HeroQuest Back to Index.

You can get WinRAR 3 here: