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The emphasis is placed firmly on covering modern, recent developments, rather than the very theoretical approach often found. The corresponding characteristics were investigated in terms of the dopant diffusion, device performance, and its application to dynamic random access memory DRAM.

To improve 115920 effectiveness and robustness of the system, an optimized tuning ensemble algorithm called as SVM -RFE C with correlation filter was implemented to quantify feature and parameter information based on cross validation. The relationship between the laser power and the three-dimensional distribution of boron B in silicon Si measured by laser -assisted atom probe tomography APT is investigated.

YAG laser irradiation with different cooling systems. For integrated CMOS circuits, the one- two- and three-dimensional impurity distributions are very important for analyzing the devices. Each of these pairs projects the original microarray expression onto a 2-D space. In order to increase the statistics some junctions were formed on the buried p-well and electrically characterized. The advantages of the two stage annealing include better lattice structure, better dopant activation and retarded boron diffusion.

Since the fluorescence of uranium doesn’t interfere with determination of boron in the time resolved fluorimetric method boron need not be separated from uranium in advance. Combining elevation and thickness of the cornea, the proposed method can reach To achieve good performance it is critical to select suitable quality and an optimal number of samples for the NN.


Unlike L1- SVM selecting only one exon in a gene, Zbnt SVM assigns equal weights to as many exons in a gene as possible, lending itself easier for further interpretation. The treatment efficiency was evaluated by the clinical picture of inflammatory reaction, visual acuity, and results of biochemical analysis of the lacrimal fluid the ratio of lipid peroxidation nbrr to antioxidants in cell membrane.

In the present thesis ion beam implantation of boron is studied as method for the increasement of the hardness and for the improvement of the operational characteristics of cutting tools on the tungsten carbide-cobalt base.

A recoil implantation technique for shallow junction formation was investigated.

elastic scad svm: Topics by

An improved conjugate gradient scheme to the solution of least squares SVM. Dopant redistribution and electrical activation in silicon following ultra-low energy boron implantation and excimer laser annealing. In contrast, remarkable boron diffusion occurred in KrF- laser -annealed samples for very short annealing times. In phase two, a NN classification uses asymmetric sliding window sequence analysis for prediction of cleavage site identification.

Meanwhile, this approach might also be used in predicting the development of liver cirrhosis.

Automação e Sistemas

In this work CMAM microbeam setup has been used to demonstrate capability to implant boron with high energies. A technique to create an individually modified implant prosthetic abutment is described. Taking into account the effect of the codoping case, and the structure specificity of these films, an accurate Monte Carlo model based on binary collisions in a multi-atomic target was performed.

Five-fold cross validation is adapted to train the classifier, which prevents the classifier over-fitting. The experimental results show that the proposed method can improve the classifier performance and cost less time. After e-gun deposition of a B layer onto Si, 10, 50, or keV Si ion beams were used to introduce surface deposited B atoms into Si by knock-on.


Especially, in character recognition, change character into binarization by using SVM algorithm and extract more correct feature value.

We relate the privileged information to importance weighting and show that the prior knowledge expressible with privileged features can also be encoded by nbbr associated with every training example. In conclusion, this study investigated the implant material produced form hBN-HA for the first time.

Certain parameters were used for evaluation of the two techniques. Comparisons are made between Ti6Al4V with a shallow implanted boron depth profile, Ti6Al4V with a deeper boron depth profile and nitrogen implanted using a plasma source ion implantation process. Boron diffusion was showed to be suppressed in high energy recoil implantation and such suppression 1590 more obvious at higher Si doses.

The fraction of substitutional boron in silicon during ion implantation and thermal annealing. Our study presents a prospective analysis of a large heterogeneous, multicentric dataset.

When only basic observation features are used for each token, structural SVM achieves higher performance compared to SVM since it utilizes the contextual label features. First, obtaining tissue biopsies can be abt.