So the question then becomes, was Abelard Reuchlin, author of the book, “The True Authorship of the New Testament” () one of the. the Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box , Kent WA Reuchlin, Abelard. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Bibliography: 1. Rome. *Who created the name and concept of Satan? * The concept of an evil force in the universe separate from God is foreign to the Jewish religion. It is clearly.

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Roman Piso

In the first century A. Reuch,in the number 44 can be seen to be contained in his very name. They found it in the Jewish holy books, which were the foundation both for the rapid spread of the religion and for the zealot’s refusal to be governed by Rome’s puppets.

That is, letters had numeric value and were used as such routinely in ancient times. In fact, there are instances within the NT texts that nearly mirror Seneca’s abelsrd verbatim.

He found that the ideological concepts presented in Seneca’s literary work virtually mirrored that which is found in the gospels. For, the Jews of the time, saw it Christianity for what it was truly was, an effort or tactic used by their enemies, as a part of the war that they had been fighting.

In that work, he, for the very first time ever, gave the true names the authors of the New Testament books. This, again, was a man who had no business doing what he was doing. Many of those were either killed or died off without spreading their knowledge Crusades, Inquisitions, etc.

Conspiracy connoiseurs will delight at Atwill’s explanation: That is, just who were known as being the most knowledgeable regarding the Roman Empire during the time in which Christianity was created.


He even consulted the Talmud to some degree. By joining our free community you will have access to post topicscommunicate privately with other usersupload videos and photos in your own photo album and access many other special features.

This hatred toward Jews seems reasonable to many only because years of stereotyping Jews has conditioned popular thinking to its acceptance. That makes three total. Skeptics of a more rational bent may also find this analysis by a Skeptic interesting.

So, our goal, via exposing the truth, is to change an insane world into a sane one. The problem here is that the KJV translates a few different words as “fool” nabalcakal’eviylkeciyl to name four in the Hebrew, and aphron and moros to name two in the Greek.

Thus when I noted that Suetonius didn’t say anything about Arrius Piso killing Vitellius, we are assured:. Im always open to. Thus, they reject it for that reason and that reason only.

The True Authorship Of The New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin

He had hoped to have been around to see it. The Piso Family thesis has an answer for this: He had expressed an interest in finding out the truth about Christianity and often spoke to Rabbis about the subject. It was translated into other languages, including English. Illusions were created to make the public think that if, for example, someone could rise in rank in the military, he stood a chance to become Emperor!

But the Phoenix always rises Nothing more reuchpin known of the writerexcept that John Duran is somewhere cited as his disciple.

They were kept in private family archives for as long as they needed them to be. Subho MAYA means illusion. Now we cannot vouch for the accuracy of this person’s statements, but we do wish to note the leader’s answer:.

We now get to where we looked at the leader’s correspondence with a rational atheist, who noted that the Piso theorists have to “concoct wild scenarios where the scrolls are removed to another location, and loved ones are left behind. It had no numbered text. That’s the latest in my world. Pontus was an ancient country that was located on the southern coast of the Black Sea, province of Cappadocia. Bauer also wrote several other books on related subjects.


What a huge thing to realize. If the public knew that if this were the true case, they would not have stood for it. When a Roman needed to attend to nature he or she would say something like “Time to turn water into wine.

Agrand circle of word-sound association, with no concern for etymology, with “proofs” constituted not by evidence but by bald and undocumented assertion, suspicion and conspiracy, secret codes behind any and every word. Gallus – Arrius Piso. If they had said “Here, slaves, is a religion made just for you, and we endorse it. But I think it is also important that you know just what the ultimate goal is. It is a fictional story used by the Piso’s to take over Rome, which they eventually did after c.

I often use “angelfire. But while the Pisos enjoyed life with Vespasian and Titus ruling, that ended for a while when Domitian became emperor. And the leader admits to our suggestion that Tacitus was in on this conspiracy, yes: Of course the gateways below are closer filled with Interdimensional Tribes, the electro black sun, and lots of green trees in Hollow Earth.