comparing measured RVU’s to the national time standards published by the AARC in the. Uniform Reporting Manual (URM). Methods: We retrospectively. The AARC needs the assistance of the state societies to help make sure the time standards reported in the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual are rock solid. This AARC Uniform Reporting Manual for Respiratory Care, 5 th edition update includes new activities, revised definitions, and time standards for both.

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Few departments may have the information reportlng needed to accurately capture work rate, but an understanding of the concepts provides managers with the opportunity to engage staff and create staffing and treatment programs that minimize the hourly variability in demand.

There is another group of exceptionally talented experts who must also be recognized. This Manual unifoem several important documents that will strengthen your knowledge about efficiency measurement and staffing.

Thus the percentage of nonallocated time is unique to each facility and is dependent on the design of the facility and staffing deployment patterns.

Staffing the Respiratory Care Department: New Considerations

Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on American Association for Respiratory Care. Jones and Bartlett ; This activity is supported by an education grant from Trivalley More information.


However, if a supervisor spends part of the time delivering patient services, than that time is variable. Interpreting Productivity Data All variable staff activity must be accounted reportinv to determine total productivity. This time does not vary regardless of the volume of clinical procedures rendered by the staff.

AARC resources for time standards –

Clinical Activities Section of the Manual The Clinical Activities section of this Manual identifies clinical activities provided in various venues which are frequently managed by respiratory therapists. Reported Statistical Data To assure transparency, all data gathered during the URM surveys and the descriptive statistics developed from that data are reported. This makes it very difficult or impossible to develop accurate time standards. This methodology should also be used to develop time standards for non-clinical activities that you wish to include in your productivity measurement.

Capillary Blood Gas Testing Activity: American Association for Respiratory Care. Anatomy and Physiology of Breathing.

Uniform Reporting Manual, 4th Edition.

It provides detailed descriptions and the associated data of clinical activities for hospital inpatient services as well as other respiratory care services. Productivity Systems – The Importance of Accurate s will help you understand the issues surrounding the measurement of workload using charges, CPT codes, and procedure counts and the benefits reportting using relative value units RVUs for this purpose.

The format for each section has been standardized to include the following components: There will probably be more focus on work rate as clinical information systems improve access to data on treatment due times versus and treatment performed times.


The single greatest challenge in developing a staffing system is the highly volatile nature of mannual demand for respiratory care services. One essential competency is being able to differentiate between fixed and variable activities.

The reporting system described in this Manual assumes that a therapist is performing only one activity at a time. The Manual also examines differences in time standards reported from different types of hospitals e. Methacholine and Histamine Challenge Activity: This is a standard list of activities performed prior to, during, and following most clinical procedures, and these common tasks are incorporated into the time standard for nearly all activities.

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Staffing the Respiratory Care Department: New Considerations | Respiratory Care

Visit evaluation and management levels unifork. The fewer respondents, the less likely the data is representative of the entire population. Accessed September 7, Department of Surgery What is emphysema? Whether an activity is classified as fixed or variable can be determined by answering a simple question: Fetal Echocardiogram – Initial Activity: