In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy. Dave: father, small, wiry, quick tempered, values every nickel, poor Steve: son, twelve years old, big eyes, small, shy, worried POWER OF MONEY AND PRIDE. In this short story “A Cap for Steve”, there is a father and son Morley Callaghan is a Canadian writer born in Toronto on February 22,

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Steve opened his eyes to how blessed he is with his family, and that spending time with them is the most important thing. Steve and Dave are then invited to meet Mr. Steve has a lot of hope and faith for his father, who ends up letting him down. Both Steve and Dave value money and struggle to make ends meet.

From the very beginning Callaghan clearly shows the importance morlry money to him.

It first began with the jealousy towards Mr. He works very hard to make ends meet, and does not give himself many breaks.

Dave considerably changes from the beginning of the story to the end, and Steve helps the growth process along.

With a cap comes authority, power and leadership, and Steve for the first time had these three things. morey

He went from a quiet, shy boy, to someone who could express his feelings and stand up to his father. Fox on an Island Gabriola, BC. Dave was seen as a jealous man from the very beginning.


Morley Callaghan’s A Cap for Steve: Essay

Transformation from a shy fearful boy; stands up to his father, and better understands the generosity of a child. In reading short stories this summer, I must admit I have almost become numb to the level of pretense in much of the writing.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Someone else may think of family as people living together, and relying on each other within an economic relationship, but nothing more than that. What did you do, Steve? All power and importance stripped when cap was lost for good. He told what had happened then he slowly took the two ten-dollar bills out of his wallet and tossed them on the table and looked up guiltily at his wife.

Although the dialogue between them is civil and friendly, Mr. From the beginning Steve looked up to his father, and was terrified by the entire situation. He took one look at Dave and knew that he was poor, and that he could buy the hat back from him. Hudson is a powerful lawyer, who lives in the nice apartments across the park. Events, though at the time seemed terrible, brought them closer together. He walked past them into the kitchen.

Condon, and the wealth that he had, and Dave envied him. Steve taught his father at the end of the story that their relationship can mean more than anything else. Callaghan uses the bond of family to tell a powerful story. People in the neighbourhood looked at him differently, which was why part of him had been ripped out when his father sold the hat.


A Cap For Steve

For twenty dollars he lost one of the most important things to him and he was struck with disappointment. Money come theme throughout the story.

Both characters grow substantially throughout the story, along with the strength of their relationship. He understood now that in many cases the best man does not necessarily win, but instead the wealthier man. His pride is first hurt during his encounter with Mr. When Dave is introduced to Mr. A Cap for Steve is a story of growth, and disappointment.

Where creativity and inspiration meet. Fails to realize the mrley of the cap to his son, takes the money thinking that both him and his son feel similarly about the power of the money. Writer; Literary Translator; Reviewer.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Learns that money is not everything, son shows him that. Dave did not have a proper understanding of his son until the end of the story which made their relationship grow. Their relationship changes, and they grow closer than ever before.