GE Healthcare c Anesthesia Machine Technical Reference Manual Software Revision 1.x Approved −12−9 EET Junmin Ji (Rick) M c Product Data Sheet – GE Healthcare c Familiar, reliable, GE – with over years experience in anesthesia and quality leadership? 53 cm/21 in Depth: 40 cm/16 in Side of machine: cm/45 in Height: The c is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use anaesthesia system. The c is designed and manufactured in.

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Connect the pipeline supplies one at a time and ensure that the corresponding gauge indicates pipeline pressure. N2O flow does not decrease Defective flowmeter assembly Verify low pressure regulator calibration.

Use care when moving or replacing system parts and components. Remarks With the bellows assembly removed, the output from the inspiratory valve is routed anesthhesia the calibration tools to the Airway Pressure transducer. Some pressure fluctuation is normal.

Adjust regulator until pressure test device reads kPa 25 psi. On pipeline only machines, attach the gauge to a 6-mm O2 port. Set the fresh gas flow to 5 Lpm. Designed and manufactured by GE — with over years experience in anesthesia and quality leadership? The pressure relief valve is normally closed, maintaining approximately 1. Guide the outlet fittings of the valve body into their respective silicone tubes.

The Breathing System Leak Test allows anesthesoa to more precisely test the ventilator portion of the breathing system for leaks.


While holding the switch assembly, push in the knob and turn it counterclockwise. Cylinder gaskets Use a leak detector or Snoop to check for source of leak.

c Product Data Sheet_百度文库

Drive Gas Ports G Inspect the o-ring that seal it to the manifold. Reassemble the bellows assembly upon the completion machie calibration.

Free breathing check valve Remove the two mounting screws from the O2 supply switch.

Annual Turnover More than Rs. General Electric Company reserves the right to make changes in specification and features shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation.

The accuracy of this technology combined with the non-decoupled fresh gas compensation system ensures that you always deliver the tidal volume you have set. On the Function Upgrade menu Section 4. Press each button on the panel and the control knob. Check ribbon cable connection; replace front circuit breaker On panel keyboard.

Power failure test Section 3. Set and maintain the fresh gas or O2 flow of the gas being tested to 0. Disconnect the tubing from the manifold outlet s.

Test one cylinder at a time for high pressure leaks: Maximum versatility for wide patient range? If the cylinder supply being tested is N2O, connect a source of O2 to pressurize the balance regulator and allow N2O to flow.

Perform the following steps: The Software Version includes: After all regulators have been tested, perform the Post-service checkout Section 3.

Multipurpose Anaesthesia Machine- 9100C

Reservoir F Inspect the two o-rings: Lift the upper shelf. Disconnect the high-pressure cylinder gauge fitting. Disconnect the test device and plug the test port pull on the plug to make sure it is locked in the fitting.

  ATEGO 1628 PDF

GE Machinw Information Systems. Leaking flush valve Attach pressure measuring device on common gas outlet. Complete steps 5 through 7 maxhine each vaporizer and vaporizer position. It does so by reading the value for airway pressure when the breathing system has been removed.

System switch is turned On 2. If a test failure occurs, make appropriate repairs and test for correct operation. Disconnect the fresh gas 2 and flush 3 tubes at the back of the switch. Including disassembly, inspection, cleaning and parts replacement as required. Other brand names or product names used in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Install the new pipeline inlet filter in the pipeline inlet fitting.

GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

Do not use a test plug that is small enough to fall into the breathing machkne. If not, close the applicable cylinder valve and install a full cylinder. Replace gauge if defective. Carestation 6oo Series TM is a reliable and agile anaesthesia platform with smart tools to help simplify your daily work and manage non-ordinary events.

Pull on the tubing to ensure that it is locked in the fitting.