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Nov 10, Oct 14, 1, Lol, why i didnt think of that the first time???

Sierra IC Inc

dwtasheet The contents of PortD are latched by an external strobe, which also causes an interrupt, or a flag that you can poll. A separate active low output for each character? Yes, my password is: Something to duplicate the function of 74HCT equality comparator. Nov 9, 7. If so, what duration for the output?


You May Also Like: Thanks for the replies guys. Quote of the day. Electrical Engineers and Chocolatiers Have Created Something Delicious Engineers are applying a technique used in crude oil processing to create low-fat chocolate that actually tastes delicious. Equality Comparator question Posted by onlylonely in forum: Feb 14, I attached the datasheet of 74HCT Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. Feb 12, Yes, subtraction is the way to go.


What the Wileyfox Smartphone Gets Right A new player as a rogue smartphone has emerged in a competitive market: Be careful crossing code page boundaries. In this case data is assumed to come in on PortD, and PortB. Maybe this can solve my timing issue I don’t know why anyone would want to do something so simple in such a time-consuming way. Nov 9, 8. Nov 9, When the strobe appears, copy this port to another file register take a “snapshot”.

74HCT Datasheet PDF Philips Electronics –

Use a ‘computed goto’ with destinations 1 for each of the possible 7-bit values. Nov 9, 3. If we make no assumptions about when this clock signal occurs during the valid portion meaning the hold time may be zero then we just have the clock time to read the data. Nov 9, 4.

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Thus we have at least 20 instructions in this 20 uS slice of time. Posted by nurul mia in forum: Now for my question, is there a faster way to implement this routine? May 11, 5, 1, If you have the PIC16F or I don’t know which other processors, you have a “parallel slave port” available.

Wileyfox delivers an SD card, a big datahseet, security and a bit more. You did not say which PIC you are using? Nov 9, 2. Apr 24, 7, 1, Nov 9, 5. If available, use datazheet TBLRD instruction to read the converted value from within a byte long table. Nov 9, 6. The default is 4MHz.


Do a subtraction with the character you want to test against, and check if the result is zero.

How to convert c code to hex code for pic? Discussion in ‘ Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers ‘ started by dqtasheetNov 8, I wrote the equivalent in C tacked onto the end of a program I’m working on and compiled it.

Do you already have an account? What is unstated in the problem is the data rate, which determines how long we have to process each incoming data chunk. An Introduction to Programmable Logic Learn about a hardware-based approach to performing calculations, routing digital signals, and controlling embedded systems using programmable logic datssheet FPGAs.

Posted by new in forum: As for testing the incoming data, why do it bit by bit? No, create an account now.