Check the expiration date on your passport before you go because Japan has certain entry Present your passport and embarkation card to the officer. From April 1, , changes were made to the format of the Disembarkation Card for Foreign Nationals, Embarkation and Disembarkation Card. Hey guys. I was just wondering whether I still need to fill out an embarkation card before leaving Japan at the airport. I heard that when you are.

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You sometimes need a passport with personal information data and so on readable by machine, or an IC passport with the IC chip providing personal cadr, a photo, biometric identification data, and so on. Intended length of stay in Japan m. Thank you for visiting my blog! Tokyo with under 10 hours between Narita flights. Check the items in your possession c.

When you enter Japan this paper will be stapled to your passport. I know that in the cities everything is written in Japanese language, so how easy is to manage yourself I am thanking you in advance for your tip and trick advises.

This is why customs interviews are carried out. Read both sides of the customs form and answer the questions. Date embarmation birth d. Please note that this blog carc not offer advice or answers on detailed questions concerning immigration status, visas, etc. Check the expiration date on your passport before you go because Japan has certain entry requirements for the remaining validity of a passport. As in many countries, there is a Green Channel and a Red Channel.


Entering the country 3. July 15, at Only one person at a time should visit the immigration officer. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A visa is a form of permission to enter the country. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please direct any inquiries to your local Japanese embassy or consulate. Pay close attention to the duty-free allowances. November 1, at 1: No matter what International airport you land at in Japan, the arrival procedures will be the same.

If you have documents such as a visa and so on at that time, the documents are collected so your resident status and residence period disappears.

Purpose of visit l. It’s not to restrict you from leaving Japan but to have a record of people leaving the country. My question is, if I try to come there around mid-December would I be emharkation back in?

Entering and Leaving the Country | DiGJAPAN!

You will have check in at one of these stations before proceeding through the main customs area. Good morning and many thanks for your reply. I guess this is a time when I will put my faith in humanity and hope everyone treats them well! We have already been allowed into the country by the immigration official. Here is a website for the official Narita transit program: Prior to landing, the flight attendants on your flight will hand out two possibly three forms to fill out.

This form is for the immigration authorities. Of course, you will want to ensure that you do not need a visa to enter the country, and for many travelers this is the case.


Today I wanted to offer a brief overview of what you can expect when you land in Japan, mostly in the form of customs and immigration procedures. November 1, at 8: Learn how your comment data is processed. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If you are connecting through the airport to another international flight, you would check in here and then go to security to connect to your ekbarkation flight.

You might also want to contact the departure airport, OR the arrival airport in Japan, to see what sort of assistance they may be able to provide. Hello, Your bags are subject to inspection at any time during the arrival process, in immigration or customs. Passports and Visas 2.

Smooth Entry and Departure To and From Japan: Japanese Customs & Immigration

I would like to clarify that the post provides basic guidance on the flow of arrival procedures when arriving in Japan. So the customs officers should have no need to interview us. When you enter Japan this paper will be stapled to your passport Hope this helps!

Click here for modes of transportation from the airport to city center. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But Foeeigner you are well-prepared and know what to do, you can master them quite them smoothly. There are several transportation options available at airports such as rail, bus, and taxi.