12 Scaling Presentation Switcher. IN User Guide. Scalers and Scan .. The Extron IN is an eight-input video and stereo audio switcher that. The IN is an economical, eight input video and RGB presentation switcher that also provides high quality upscaling and downscaling for a wide variety of. This guide provides quick start instructions for an experienced installer to set up and operate the Extron IN Scaling Presentation Switcher. Installation and.

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Video may be muted.

Skip to main content. Integrates DVI, analog video, and audio sources into presentation systems. Page 42 Brightness status indicator barThe Brightness status indicator bar shows, and allows you to adjust, the brightnesssetting for the selected input. Eight input, AV presentation switcher that accepts and scales a wide range of video signals to a common, high resolution output exyron.

Eight input stereo audio switching is also provided with exton gain and attenuation control. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.

Audio mute is X4 on or off. The adjustment rangefor both color and tint is from 0 to Still does the job Racked three of these with a matrix switcher in one box and they make a great three screen ea.

See details for description of any imperfections. To select a different sync type, use the frontpanel or IR remote control or button to highlight the desired sync type andpress the enter button. Output resolutioncannot be increased. If, however,you want to fill the entire monitor, you can adjust the input aspect ratio by slightlychanging the number of active pixels and active lines to stretch the image.


SolutionActive pixels settingmay be too low. edtron

Extron IN Eight Input Scaling Presentation Switcher with PIP – TA53

You mayalso need to adjust the number of total pixels. Pixel phase value is X Repeatedly press the Enter or button to togglebetween the main and PIP windows. Use the front panel or IR remote control and buttons to adjust thebrightness control through a range of 0 to Page 20 Secure the switcher to the rack using the supplied machine screws.

Audio Delay selection boxThe Audio Delay selection box provides the ability to turn audio delay on and off. The IN is housed in a 1U, ectron rack width enclosure and can easily be extro into many environments. In figureand all other flowcharts in this chapter, solid lines indicatescreen changes initiated by the operator. Vertical position maybe set too near to thebottom. Scaling Pr esentation Extrin. The aspect ratio is set to 4: Window width is X Tabletop useAttach a self-adhesive rubber foot to each corner of the bottom of the switcher.

You must push the front panel or Extrno remote control Enter buttonto change the selection. When film is converted to NTSC video, the film frame rate has to bematched to the video frame rate in a process called 3: For those users who do, the switcherautomatically adjusts these settings.

Your manual failed to upload Emulate pushing a menu button. The blank screen and muted audio are deselectedwhen a new input is selected. Input X1 is selected. The Advanced screen provides a submenu of advanced selection options: Color increases and decreases the color intensity of thepicture. Show Extrpn Show Less.


If desired, mount the switcher in a rack. The output format isincompatible for thedisplay.

Brightness extronn indicator barThe Brightness status indicator bar shows, and allows you to adjust, the brightnesssetting for the selected input. This ensures that theoutput device does not lose sync lock. Pixels and increase the setting tomatch the input signal. Except for the gain andattenuation settings, upper or lower case letters are acceptable in the commandfield.

Extron IN1508 Eight Input Scaling Presentation Switcher with PIP

Thisearly scaling results in a blank border on the top and cropping on the bottom, andlooks as if the image is shifted down. However, if the input signal has slightly different timing or is non-standard, somesettings may need to be manually adjusted.

Press the front panel Center buttonand shift the image up. Menu buttonsPresses of the menu buttonsExample: But the front panel resetdoes not require a connected computer or a connected monitor to view the onscreen displays.

Extron IN Scaling Switcher | Mega Vision

Center selectionThe Center selection displays two status indicator bars that show, and allow you toadjust, the horizontal and vertical in15088 of the main or picture-in-picture outputon the monitor. Blanking AreaActiveAreaTotal PixelsFigure — Incorrect total pixels variableThese lines appear as fuzzy vertical bars when an alternating pixels pattern isapplied. Gain or attenuation can be adjusted for each input. On-screen displaysare not blanked. Brightness adjusts the light intensity of the image onthe screen.

This connection makessoftware control of the switcher possible.