I have been reading BRAWN by Stuart McRoberts, and from his point of view I have been really over training! I would love to hear the opinions. Perhaps the most effective training routines for the the vast majority of the population, come from Stuart McRobert in his book, “Brawn”. Stuart McRobert could literally change your life, at least the part of it I devoured his first book, BRAWN, the very evening it arrived in my.

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Inside the Mind of Stuart McRobert — Training Advice You’re Not Following

I used variations of his programs and always made strength and muscle gains. The book brawn has given me some great ideas, and shown me areas where I was going wrong.

I think that Stuart McRoberts programs are good programs, and that he is sincere in trying to help “hardgainers” and naturals. I’ve just read his other book ‘Beyomd Stuarr, I guess he extolls the same principles, lower volume, progressive poundages and pefect form.

Without repeating myself, and without bitterness, I just explained the first 30 pages of the book.

Stuart McRobert

That is, a pound bench press, pound squat, and pound deadlift. By Mentzer in forum Misc.

Want to increase your bench press or build bigger arms? Crusader for them would be more accurate.


Stuart McRobert – Wikipedia

Originally Posted by boathead. That was one of my fav books back in the day.

Squats are a great muscle building exercise. In most endeavors, correct practice really does make perfect. When it comes to building large muscles, professional bodybuilders normally have superior genetics. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Most bodybuilding books look alike, and are usually a bunch of photos of superstars and a collection of training advice and routines that simply don’t work well for typical folk.

However, I’d still recommend reading both and other McRobert’s books besides stkart this is first-rate advice for natural strength-training athletes and pretty much guaranteed to help you in realizing your potential.

Alright, enough lecturing about the merits of mcroobert. If not, stick to what McRobert recommends. Order Online or Call or I hated the first 30 pages, but greatly enjoyed the rest of the book. In the long run, it’s not a very healthy lifestyle. Not sure what was updated in them. Jan 29, Art rated it really liked it. He puts a great deal of emphasis on making the squat a central part of one’s workout routine.

Published by C S Publishing first published December 11th Please take a good look at your chest in the mirror. Originally Posted by Centennial Paul Wood rated it really liked it Jun 19, Books by Stuart McRobert. This is the second edition of the classic text that created a bodybuilding revolution.

Brawn by Stuart McRobert

And they are minimums, remember. I guess thinking about it now, still are. Results 1 to 24 of Refresh and try again. I wish I’d read the first book ‘Brawn’ 15 years ago when it came out! What has all that flailing mrcobert with dumbbells and cables gotten you?


McRobert lives in Nicosia, Cyprus with his wife and two daughters. The steroids make it possible for them to do marathon workouts, recover quickly, and build muscles larger than a man not using steroids.

If you are a genetic hardgainer like I amI consider it a must-read. Are you at those sorts of numbers? Obsessed with being skinny since youth, I realized that the muscle-bound hulks of this world are drug dependent. Mar 24, Branden rated it it was amazing.

At best, progress stalls. From reading those two books I switched to 20 rep squat routine for 4 weeks. I like his principles of cycle training, lowering the volume to training each body part once branw twice a week, but continually modifying to find your own ‘best’ volume and frequency.

Alex Tarnowski rated it really liked it May 20, Mental Characteristics of Successful Powerlifters. Brawn by Stuart McRobert.