“Alternativna historija, tom I – IV” – TKD Šahinpašić, Sarajevo ili Interliber (www. ); “Alternativna povijest – tragovima Atlantide” – Indrija, Zagreb. Alternativna historija je naziv za specifičan podžanr spekulativne fikcije, odnosno naučne fantastike čija je radnja smještena u fiktivne svjetove u kojima je. The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija. advertisement. Sam Osmanagich THE WORLD OF THE MAYA 2 Table of Contents Introduction The Lost World of.

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I was their only visitor that afternoon.

Those who survived were soon decimated by disease and epidemics. The stone houses of Flores, painted in all possible warm pastel colors, were built on top of the ruins of the town of Tayasal. Archeologists are at a loss to explain the purpose of this room.

I come to the main square and enter the Acropolis.

Upon each accession of their visit, they would leave behind a great treasure of knowledge. We will come back to these propositions later in this book. It will not even be only going back to years B.

Only a very small part of it. Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway A mysterious light display appearing over Norway last night has left thousands of residents in the north of the country baffled.

And a galactic light will enlighten us and all our mysteries and enable us to arrive hstorija all the answers. And here they are in front of me.

If there was a crash, obtain something from the site: Of course there is also the possibility of a super-technological era such as destroyed Atlantis. Again physical evidence is important here.


Mayab is also the name of the seat of the Mayan civilization-the Yucatan peninsula. Let us look instead through this galactic telescope — a system of lenses which oscillates uniquely and harmonically.

This is the most beautiful city outside of Spain in its architectural and natural beauties. The carved stone lintels each weigh in the neighborhood of twenty tons. I start up a conversation with a few of them. I was standing beneath an awning with a local guide, an Indian who claimed to be a descendant of the Maya.

The numbers themselves are expressed with a stylized symbol of a chalice such that the number is four chalices, a space, two chalices, a space, and one chalice. historoja

The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija

The home team — Honduras — squeaks by the Salvador team He became governor and head of state It is a place with about houses on a little island at the edge of Lake Peten Itza. Our solar system is also information. The text beside it says: My visit to the first stone temples fills me with awe. Large drops of sweat try their best to cool the body. The bus stops and the driver gestures for them to climb aboard.

At the airport I purchase a new map for the roads of Mexico.

Alternativna Historija

The conclusions were shocking — they had discovered the largest structure ever built on Mexican soil. It is Saturday afternoon. The tour starts with a display of how the first people came to Central America across the Bering Straits a theory which has been overturned but which nonetheless persists.

Others have been painted turquoise or lavender. For more than years Copan was the major power in this region until, in the year A.


It is time for this misconception to be straightened out. Once we were cutting branches and vines which, it turned out, were covering the face of a stone monument. If you walk in front of the Sun pyramid i. Its passengers are waiting to begin pushing it as soon as they are given the signal by the driver.

Alternativna historija – Serbo Croatian-English Dictionary

And because of this, even today the Mayan name is used for the descendants hiistorija the poor farmers who lived there at the time of the original Maya-those who remained on this land after the sudden departure of their rulers and patrons. So, by means of numbers, by adjusting frequencies, we can go through different dimensions.

He and a couple of other fellows were hunting down in the Big Bend country. The streets are narrow, combined cobblestone and asphalt. With the passage of centuries and millennia, at the places of early spiritual centers temples and pyramids were built. It was never used for residence. It took about 15 days for me to discover the message that he had given me. And the cosmic expressed through sacred codes in geometry, color, musical notes and alphabet. Going back one and a half, alternagivna even two and a half, millennia we will find that the scattered villages of alterntivna had much the same kind of life.